The 107th National Day of Bhutan: A Country Strong and United

Bhutan is blessed to be celebrating its 107th National Day- the attention this year will be in the east as His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, His Majesty the Fourth King, Their Majesties the Queen Mothers and Members of the Royal Family will be celebrating the day with the people in Trashigang.

It was 107 years ago that our First King Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck ascended the Throne, uniting the country under the Wangchuck Dynasty.

Over the century, our great Monarchs have led the country into peace, stability and prosperity. Although a small nation, we are a unique nation – rich in our culture and traditions, fortunate to have the wisdom to pursue development with care for all beings and the environment.

The National Day inspires us to become one people, one nation. There is much pride and happiness being part of a nation that has never been colonized or sold out for commercial gains.

Our resilience and simplicity, our pragmatic outlook and common sense have served us well through the decades. The people have great examples in our Monarchs to look up to, and see how they have selflessly served the people and nation for over a century.

We have Kings that uplifted the lives of the people while curtailing their own powers. We have Kings that helped the people to govern themselves, giving power to the people.

The National Day is a day for us to contemplate on how we have remained strong and united. The east, west, north, south and central regions of Bhutan have all been blessed to remain as one sovereign nation in a volatile region.


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