The arts and crafts

In the PDP manifesto when it comes to the arts and crafts PDP shall continue to support the Vocational Training Institutes and Zorig Chusum Institutes to offer high quality training and skilling programs on arts and crafts.

It shall enable the Rigney College to offer more courses on arts and crafts.

It shall promote SMEs in the crafts sector through easy access to finance and low interest loans to enable individuals and groups to start businesses.

PDP shall establish clusters in rural communities to harness the potential of local crafts industry and achieve economy of scale.

PDP shall facilitate market linkages and promotion of local art and craft products for local and international markets.

Agency for Indigenous Crafts (APIC) will be empowered to initiate local crafts development and clustering in rural communities.

PDP shall support contemporary arts development in the country by establishing a Center for Contemporary Arts.

PDP shall support CSOs to promote contemporary arts, positive engagement of young people, and gainful employment. It shall promote festivals on local arts and crafts. PDP shall promote local arts and crafts industry as a major tourist attraction.

For the film industry PDP shall establish an Art Incubation Center, which will provide facilities and resources to artists while developing creative products.

It will support local audio-visual production houses through fair competition policies, tax incentives and capacity development to enhance their contribution to the economy and to create more jobs.

PDP will establish the National Film Commission that will oversee the overall development and growth of the film industry.

PDP will support independent and art films, animation, publishing and design services.

International art fairs and film festivals will be organized to provide platform for young filmmakers and artists and to promote Bhutan as a credible arts and crafts destination.

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