‘The Bhutanese survived’

By Chimi Zangmo

Ten plus years ago, there were houses sprouting to observe, watch, write about a fledgling democratic nation.

Ten plus years ago, there was a rush to fill the columns and the seats in these houses

Ten plus years ago, there were promises made by “whoever”, that these houses are important and will be supported and sustained.

Ten plus years ago, there was this energy in the air of the Fourth Estate rising.

We felt it, I felt it.

I felt the energy and watched the journey of these houses.

The journey, was literally a storm for all these houses

Some did survive.

The Bhutanese, survived.

Not just survived, The Bhutanese is breathing this energy by delivering the truth, to all of us.

 I don’t know the vision, mission or any road map or strategies that The Bhutanese may or may not have, but I can feel. I can feel that the core of its purpose of being in existence, is true and has stayed firmly true, and that is to reveal the truth, that has been layered and buried, no matter how ugly or scarring the truth and no matter the odds for The Bhutanese.

The Bhutanese sees not just the iceberg and reports only about the iceberg, but knows it is just a tip of a much more looming mass beneath.

And so, we all can feel from the impact that The Bhutanese continues to make in stirring the consciousness whenever these looming masses are revealed.

The ten-year mark truly calls for a celebration, 

To celebrate the journey

To celebrate commitment, consistency and courage

And I wish and pray for this journey of The Bhutanese to continue for decades, breathing the same energy and ethos it is built on.

The writer is a hotelier by profession but supports many social causes.

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