The biggest housing complex in Thimphu

The Housing complex at Gangchay will be bigger than the Changjiji complex

Thimphu’s biggest housing complex will be constructed at Gangchay, a forestry land, little away from the Thimphu Gate.

This 30 acre land which falls at the periphery of the municipality boundary is a National Housing and Development Corporation’s (NHDC) project; this complex will be larger than the current Changjiji housing complex, which covers just 28 areas of land.

This new complex will incorporate facilities such as children’s park, shops, bus stops, mini shopping complex, vegetable market etc.

“We are thinking of having something like a model place,” said the Project Manager, Pradeep Katwal.

However, it has not been decided whether the housing complex will be for low, middle or for high income bracket groups, it will be worked out only after the completion of survey.

The land at Gangchay is a replacement land from the earlier proposed housing project where three sites had been identified within the Thimphu’s core area.

The identified sites were the ones above the Swimming Pool Complex, the other at the PWD Colony adjacent to Kelki High School, and the other below the Table Tennis hall in Changangkha.

The General Manager of Designing and Planning Division, Rinchen said the reason behind the shifting of sites was due to the core area being crowded, so to lessen the pressure on the already overcrowded town, this alternate land was considered.

Preliminary works on the Gangchay housing complex has already begun, just a week back demarcation on the land commenced, which will be followed by land registration under the NHDC.

The NHDC will then conduct a detailed planning of the housing development and the topography of the site will be studied. This construction will be designed to suit the topography, which will be approached in a stage wise manner.

Learning from its bitter past, Rinchen said, this time the NHDC wanted to make all the correct moves and avoid unnecessary problems, unlike in the past where construction problems had surfaced, for instance the Changjiji housing complex suffered bad construction of buildings and water problems amongst others.

Another problem Rinchen pointed out was on the Minister’s Enclave, where the involvement of many contactors had led to disputes amongst themselves.

Rinchen said for this upcoming construction only few contractors will be roped in.

Pradeep Katwal said the NHDC will also need an environment clearance from the National Environment Commission and then works like access roads, water supply, and sewerage system amongst others will be looked into.

The NHDC is yet to work on the budget front, however, that will be possible only after the master plan is completed, the NHDC is also looking towards the government for budgetary support.

Meanwhile, the construction works are likely to begin by next year.

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