The cabinet looking into opening a new office to facilitate Bhutanese coming from overseas

During the 3rd Meet-the-Press on 26 April, the Prime Minister (PM) highlighted that individuals residing abroad are securing employment opportunities and earning income. Moreover, those with valuable skills and experience have the capability to secure employment opportunities overseas.

However, in the event that individuals encounter challenges in obtaining employment, Bhutan stands ready to welcome them back with open arms.

He expressed, “I would be delighted if those residing overseas, under the impression that Bhutan is struggling with issues, such as a lack of public services and an economic crisis, decided to return to Bhutan.”

PM announced that the Lhengye Zhungtshog (Council of Ministers) has been discussing opening a new office to support Bhutanese citizens residing abroad who wish to return to the country.

“We want our Bhutanese citizens working abroad to have access to a special facility that welcomes and assists them in settling back here if they decide to return,” he further added.

Welcoming them doesn’t just mean reaching out when they arrive here, but also connecting with them beforehand at a designated office if they plan to return. They’ll receive the necessary information and assistance once they arrive in Bhutan.

PM stressed on the importance of verifying if the desired job position is available in Bhutan; if it is, assistance will be provided.

Bhutanese individuals residing overseas, possessing skills and experience, who aim to return to their previous jobs in Bhutan, will receive support from the government and Royal Civil Service Commission to help them secure those positions.

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