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The Japan LEP case has seen the arrest of the two BEO agents based on a police complaint by the parents after the government washed its hands of the case.

Earlier, the government had given a virtual clean chit to the Labour DG who supervised the whole program despite an ACC report which said that the DG had openly favored the BEO agent and was also responsible in a major way for the LEP mess.

A member of the cabinet defending the DG said that the DG did admit to doing personal favors from his side for the benefit of the LEP program.

The DG was called hardworking and experienced and all in all a jolly good fellow.

The Labour Ministry despite the ACC’s strong and multiple recommendations did not send the report to the RCSC but did it in a half-hearted manner only after a second reminder from ACC.

The RCSC in the absence of both good judgment and a strong report from the government declined to take any action against the DG.

One can say the government must have erred in the recent past but it is still allowing the DG to get away with a lot.

The DG has committed a grave diplomatic violation in writing a letter to an honorary consul in a foreign country without permission from the cabinet or the foreign ministry.

This is equivalent in some ways to what the three government secretaries were handed over to RCSC for during the past government.

However, all that has happened for the DG is a letter asking for explanation from the ministry.

The DG’s illegal letter has resulted in the curbing of the freedom of speech of Dhan Maya and Pasang in a foreign country but that too seems to be glossed over.

After a while the government of the day must be asked the blunt question of why its most powerful are protecting a DG who has committed one mistake after another and violated one rule after another, embarrassing the government to no end.

Are there certain favors and interests that bind the DG so closely to the government and if not then why is there no action being taken in the face of such overwhelming evidence and actions.

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.” 
Steve Maraboli

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