The DPT members who might not contest in 2013

It is likely that few DPT members will not re-run for office in the 2013 elections and few names have been circulating in the political circuit.

The names of North Thimphu’s MP Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering, Patalay-Tsirangtoe MP Nar Bhadhur Gurung, Gelephu MP Prem Kumar Gurung, Zhemgang MP Tshering Dorji, and Pugli-Samtse MP, Prahlad Gurung are currently doing the rounds.

Zhemgang MP Tshering Dorji said he was not sure whether he will be able to contest for the elections, as this decision rested entirely upon his physicians.

He said his health had been on the decline and was advised by his doctors to relax.

“If my health condition does not allow me then I will discuss it with the party, and if I cannot make it for the elections, I would still continue to be a member of the DPT,” said Tshering Dorji.

MP Prem Kumar Gurung said at one point in his politically-prevailing time he had contemplated not contesting. The Gelephu MP however did not confirm his status for 2013.

“I will give a definite statement at an appropriate time in the nearest future, as of now, I will leave everyone guessing,” said Prem Kumar Gurung.

Word out among politicians also delved on the national language Dzongkha, which is the official language for deliberations in parliament and the candidates’ debates during the election process is also held in a Dzongkha version.

Politicians have also been talking that Dzongkha which posed as a shortcoming for some MPs was a problem with some of the members, and hence few have decided to opt-out of 2013.

This would be a direct indication to the DPT senior members MP Nar Bahadhur Gurung and MP Prahlad Gurung.

Nar Bahadhur Gurung, (running 61) was however upbeat in attitude toward his otherwise Achilles heel. “Now my Dzongkha has improved,” he said.

He however reserved comments on his re-run in 2013.

MP Prahlad Gurung (60) said he has not decided whether to contest or not but it was up to the party to decide. “If I decide not to contest it will primarily be for my health reason and age,” he said.

Prahlad Gurung said language was not really an issue. It was only when it came to deliberations in the parliament, he ran short of vocabulary.

The officiating Secretary General of the DPT, Tshewang Rinzin said there was no such talks on party ticketing and who will not be contesting for the elections.

“We have not heard of any such things and if there was anything that the party required to know then it will only be after the government dissolves,” he said.

Regarding Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering, he said during the last meeting the party’s Secretary General had said owing to Lyonpo’s health issues, he might not be able to contest for the elections.

However, Tshewang Rinzin said this was not confirmed.

Tshewang Rinzin said as of now, DPT has not thought of a candidate to replace Lyonpo. However, if the need arose then getting a candidate from Thimphu would not be a problem, unlike other remote dzongkhags where it was difficult to get a candidate with experience.

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  1. again there are some more member who should be resign.esp..the member from south they don’t do any thing even they never say any thing during assembely time…

  2. There are a bunch of other, who have to resign… Guys like MP Tshering Penjor, MP Passang Thrinlee, MP from S/Jongkhar, MP Karma Lhamo, MP Lila Prahdan, MP Kunley Dorji, MP Ugyen Tenzin, if DPT wants another term.

  3. The bhutanese have to research and reveal the tuth what they have done with their CDG. As far as I am Concerned they dont have proper account. I our Consituency that BJI,Katsho Esu Demkhong at Haa MP Ugyen Tenzin have divided and distributed the amount in lumpsum to the local leaders. The local leaders have distributed that amount among themselves within Chiwogs in lumpsum. The uneducated TSHOGPAS with out any consult with peoples have used it unnecessarly.

    Please The Bhutanese Paper kindly try to bring that in your next Issue

  4. What about Norbu yangzom?

  5. The Oldies who have been warming the seat for the last donkeys year, should now step down, relax and pray for their next life; rather than giving lots os work to yamaraja.

  6. I m under Radhi-Sakteng constituency. In this line, whether it was remorse or the fact, i heard that HE the speaker of NA is not contesting for next election. if it is true, is there any candidate who has given a signal to join or replace the the speaker. i m bit worried about the potentiality of the candidates coming up, because the constituency needs lot of attention inline with the reduction of poverty and the road construction underway toward the sakteng ……., moreover i think the elected candidate did not fulfill his mandates he made and the time is almost over .

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