The enthusiastic 10 from Dagana all in their 30’s and 20’s

Surjaman Thapa

Surjaman Thapa, 33, a former journalist with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Having worked as journalist for past nine years, Surjaman said that the experience provided him with the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life, and to know the problems, situations and challenges faced.  He is confident that he can bring about progress and changes in society and country through research and discussion with the public and amendment of laws and policies.

His primary focus, if elected, would be in promoting climate resilient modern agriculture and focus on women and child empowerment.

Dawa Rigyel

The youngest of the candidates from Dagana, Dawa Rigyel, 26, from Karna gewog holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He has been looking after the family construction business since he graduated from college.  “I have muscled through the hardships of people and it stands out loud and clear that I will take care of the wellbeing of the people.”

If given a chance by the people, he said he would push for initiative on policies to promote meaningful economic enterprise in rural areas, with a focus on agriculture, livestock and forestry. “I would review the 12th Five Year Plan of Dagana dzongkhag to ensure that it reflects the aspirations of people of Dagana.”

He added he would also focus for revisit on national minimum wage, occupational safety and support system and remuneration, and security in works and construction sectors.

Birendra Chimoria

Birendra Chimoria, 36, from Tshendagang gewog holds a Master’s in Sports and a Bachelor’s in Education. He worked as a teacher for ten years and a football focal person for Dagana for two years.

“I’ve been an active farmer since last five years, which provided an opportunity for me to understand the needs and situation of people extensively.”

“My priority if elected would be to make a farmer protection act or policy since almost 70 percent of the population consists of farmers,” and further stated that his other priority would be to influence the House to review a law in order to retain the skilled and experienced civil servants since growing number of civil servants are leaving job to earn in third countries.

Suraj Pradhan

Suraj Pradhan, 38, from Lhamoyzingkha gewog holds a Master’s in Business Administration. He has work experience in diverse field of Finance, Resource Management, Administration, Logistics, Mediation, Security, Programs and Grant management and Human Resource.

“I decided to join NC since it’s the best place where the public can benefit, and where I can walk the talk,” he said. He added that his passion to become a NC member was generated after he was granted a citizenship Kidu from His Majesty The King.

If elected, he said he would want to uphold the constitution and law for a vibrant and inclusive democracy and initiate consultative process with the public on legislations before enactment. Apart from list of manifesto, he would also raise the issue to the government about improving water supply and irrigation channel.

Other areas he would focus on is improving connectivity and enhancing education and health facilities.

Kinzang Gyeltshen

Kinzang Gyeltshen, 28, from Drujeygang gewog has a Bachelor degree in Language and Literature from College of Language and Culture Studies, Trongsa. After his graduation in 2016, he worked in a few Bhutanese movies as a song composer, singer and supporting staff. Apart from his work, he spent most of his time with his parents back at Drujeygang. “As I’m the eldest one from my family, I was mostly engaged in doing farming and agriculture works.”

The candidate said his main concern is the low literacy rate in a country due to which the people are not clear about the laws and policy. “I would want to ensure that everybody is clear about the importance of laws and that laws are equal for everyone, making them clear that laws are not just in the hands of rich and powerful.”


Wangdi, 32, from Dorona gewog holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Sherubtse College.  He worked as an IT teacher in Drukjegang Central School for 4 years and for a year in Desi High School. He also participated in the local government election last year.

He stated that carrying the hopes of the people is his priority. “People’s happiness and country’s security depends on how polices are maintained in the country. Since I have been aware of people’s hope, I will bring changes through review of public polices, and I can be the voice of people in the House of Review.” He said he hopes to serve in the best interest of the nation and people.

San Man Gurung

28-year-old San Man Gurung from Largyab gewog holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Science and worked as a photo designer in ScanCafe, IT Park.

If elected, he wants to strengthen the existing laws in line with strengthening national identity and security. “We are the foundation where the construction of future begins, so let’s be the change we seek.”

Sangay Thinley

Sangay Thinley, 40, from Khebisa gewog holds a Bachelor in Dzongkha. Prior to joining the NC race, Sangay Thinley worked in the National Assembly for 14 years.

His priority area is to promote democracy through proper legislation. “Our country is an emerging democracy, and there is a long way to go, it seems people don’t have clear idea on what democracy is.”

He said he is confident of a win this time, considering his number of years of work experience and his bilingual knowledge which he said is vital for the understanding and framing legislation.

Birkha Bdr. Subba

Birkha Bdr. Subba, 30, from Karmaling gewog holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He has work experience as proprietor of a travel agent for five years and an agent for education consultancy and placement in Thimphu.

“If elected, I would focus on strengthening policy of balanced development between rural and urban areas,” he said.

He added that the need to create an alternate water source for sustainability is crucial. “We aren’t aware about what is happening to the water source and how long its supply will last.”

Tenzin Samdrup

Tenzin Samdrup, 39 from Tseza gewog holds a Bachelor’s in Education and worked as a teacher prior to joining for NC.

He said that he would uphold the Constitution and bring forth the issues faced by the people. He said that he would support a stronger role for women.

Tenzin said that his main focus areas would be in commercial agriculture, adapting to climate change and promoting tourism.

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