The evidence behind the Education City story

land infoAfter denials earlier, DPT ex-ministers now admit to owning land near the Education City sites pointed out by this paper

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) through a press conference and several press releases are attempting to clarify on the facts of the Education City story done by this paper.

After earlier denials by DPT’s Khamdang-Ramjar candidate Kesang Wangdi that the ex-Education Minister Thakur Singh Powdyel’s wife, ex-Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, ex-MoWHS minister Yeshey Zimba and ex-Speaker Jigme Tshultim did not have land near the Education city, the party has now grudgingly accepted the existence of these plots.

Earlier the ex-Prime Minister and ex-Education Minister had flatly denied of having plots near the Education city.

The Bhutanese has based its Education City story on extensive documentary and electronic evidence.

The former Prime Minister, the former MoWHS Minister’s wife, and former Speaker own the said plots near the Education City based on their 2008 Asset Declarations to the Election Commission of Bhutan, which were published in Kuensel, Bhutan Times, and Bhutan Observer (see image).

The land owned by the ex-Prime Minister has been declared as being an apple orchard in Seleykha with thram number 623 with an estimated value of Nu 1.5 mn then. It was bought from a local farmer called Tshering Pema in 1978 at around Nu 8,000. Today, due to increasing land prices- also helped in a large part by the upcoming Education City, the land is valued at a much higher price now.

The land owned by the former MoWHS minister’s wife Thuji Zangmo, an ancestral property with thram number 148 is an apple orchard and has been valued at Nu 3 mn in 2008.

The ex-Speaker’s land has been registered as an orchard with thram number 813 and valued at Nu 2.2 mn in 2008.

Records with the National Land Commission also confirm the above along with the upcoming Asset Declaration of the two contesting candidates.

In the case of the Ex-Education minister, The Bhutanese, as part of its normal procedure on sensitive stories has recorded the conversations for accuracy, evidence, and record keeping.

The same tape had the former-Education minister’s wife saying that the ex-minister did know of the land transaction, and in fact, he went to get the Nu 500,000 loan for it. It also says that a legal agreement has been signed with a local landowner called Tsering who is selling the land.

The Education City area is around 25 kilometers from major urban areas of Thimphu and Paro. Given the limited useable private land in the urban areas, the land values of private plots there are rapidly increasing.

Meanwhile, in a press release from the DPT, the ex-Education Minister has alleged that the Editor-in-Chief of this paper had told him that the former minister did not own any land.

The taped evidence, however, show that while the Editor-in-Chief told the former minister that he did not own five acres there as alleged by an anonymous website Bhutanomics, the Editor-in-Chief did inform him that his wife had bought 50 decimals of land there. The ex-minister’s response as captured on tape, is of his denial of any knowledge of land there, but changes his stance when he was informed that his wife had informed The Bhutanese of the land.

The ex-minister in a press release alleges that his wife had been ambushed on the phone by Editor-in-Chief, who revealed his identity “only later in the course of the conversation”. This again is proven to be untrue as the recorded conversation is for around 6 minutes. As per the tape, the Editor has revealed his identity within the first 20 seconds of the conversation. The above tapes will be made open to the public domain.

The DPT in its press release has also said that the Education City site was identified by the Royal Education Council and it had no role in the site selection. The Bhutanese, however, has formal and recorded interviews with staff from DHI Infra saying that DHI during the tenure of the DPT government had looked at various options across Bhutan, which were presented to the Empowered Group headed by the former MoWHS minister. It is also mentioned in the tape that a site in Khotokha in Wangdue Phodrang was also a viable option. This lengthy tape too, is open for public examination.

Meanwhile the PDP president in a press conference said the The Bhutanese has done a thorough investigation and if what the paper has uncovered is true then it is a matter of grave concern.

“The government of the day must declare any and all conflicts of interest before proceeding with large projects. It goes without saying that if you have land near the Education City; the land is going to become extremely valuable over the years. At a minimum we would have expected the DPT government to declare the conflict of interest before finalizing the site,” said the Opposition leader.

On the former Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, who said it is the Royal Education Council (REC) who chose the site, Tshering Tobgay said the chairman of the REC is the prime minister himself and REC is accountable to the prime minister’s office. “Former Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba is the chairman of the education city project board. He should have declared that there is a conflict of interest. In fact he should have withdrawn his nomination,” he added.

Tshering Tobgay said the former education Lyonpo Thakur Singh Powdyel is also represented on the education city board.

Tenzing Lamsang/ Thimphu


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  1. well done..

    • Why is JYT, Yeshi Zimba and Thakur still campaigning. They should have put up their resignation to DPT if they are true citizen of this great nation. What more cases should be revealed!!!!!!! Be responsible people….enough LIESSSSSS to the nation!!!! How can you face our great King and the people anymore!!!

  2. Great work Mr. Tenzing Lamsang !..keep it up!…We need paper such as this, The Bhutanese to inform the people of Bhutan because true color of the big sorts are bravely revealed here. Now i knew what was rotten in the Education City where the land is  particularly surrounded by ex-ministers and their wives. Enough evidences!.. Now let’s see what ex-PM JYT has to say with these evidences…might again try to butter-up the public!,,haha!


  4. I feel the dpt leadership is getting desperate . To state that the bhutanese is a pdp paper and whatever it prints is to defame the dpt govt. i am just wandering about gyalposhing, lottery, etc which we all know are facts lying burried under dpt goons. Anyway please keep up the great work the bhutanese. You all are truly the kind of bhutanese that we the mainstream bhutanese are proud. Thankyou for informing.

  5. freeexpression

    So what is wrong with people owning land in the area near the Education City? The land were purchased many many years ago when people even did not know there would be an education city or not. In case of TP, he purchased the land after knowing that there would be an education city nearby. As Bhutanese, all are eligible for purchase as long as you have money. No one wants to buy land in a remote area with no business scope. This is a simple business logic. Tell us also how much land and property is owned by the members of other political parties like PDP, DNT, etc. Too much talking about DPT members is also not balanced information.

    • passingthought

      Dear Free Expression,
      There’s nothing wrong in owning the land anywhere across the kingdom as along as you have the money to buy it….The problem here is that there are many Bhutanese people who owns a piece of land, and mind you in the remotest of areas…and out of all these..the Education city had to be proposed in an area which happens to be surrounded by land owned by DPT members. And in an area which is supposed to have no water source??
      And yes, like you said no one expected this area to be a booming mini city in such a short period of time. 
      Had the city been proposed in other Dzongkhags, then it could have benefited the people of this nation of ours. What do you say? 
      But the building of this city in an area which is owned by high profile personalities, makes it seem something other than development. It seems that this city will be benefiting more of the people who owns the land in and around the proposed city rather than the public. 

      • freeexpression

        What you said is true. All of us own little pieces of jungles here and there. I would have also liked to see such a city beside my small plot of land infested with leeches. But the point I am making is there would not be a location where all Bhutanese people would benefit. In this case the requirement was a airport. So they considered this area, free of trees as a strategic location. If we look from this angle, then none of the projects will qualify. Why should all the Ministries be located in Thimphu? Why can’t the Forest Department be located in Bumthang, Customs Department in Phuentsholing, Health in Trashigang, etc. My other point is why are we revealing the properties of only DPT members? I am not a member of DPT. If we want to look through the lens, let us look for all. Not selected group of people.

        • if the place was selected because of the accessibility then why not do it near Gelephug, that way the second international airport would also be boosted??? but again i might be wrong. maybe airport at gelephug is failed airport 

    • I agree it is not wrong to own a land near the Education city or anywhere BUT WHAT’S WRONG IS DENIAL ABOUT IT.




    • freeexpression. u r right. u and me can buy any land any where like everyone else.. but only few empowered people like “JYT, Zimba and Thakur” can make the decisions on where a project of this magnitude could happen.. So the logic here my friend is that, they already have a big land 7acres/5 acres/2.7acres are no small pieces of land.. The place is sort of dry- as mentioned by JYT in the media.. The easiest way to increase the value of your land is by bringing in a big project very close to ur land.. not on your land.. the cost will shoot up by tenfold.. the magic is done.. now u clear? Still voting for DPT?..

      • freeexpression

        I agree that there is an issue of policy corruption here. But let us not jump to conclusions without proper scrutiny. Let us also learn about the properties of other MPs and big people and see if the projects, schools, hospitals, etc are located nearby. Let us not just limit to the members of DPT but for ALL parties.

    • Just my view( Declaration: I am not a supporter of DPT nor PDP).  We the Bhutanese people has no problem when our Leaders own lots of the land or resources or properties. The problemS I can see here are:

      1. We need to analysis ourselves by reading the news like this. They have land there, so they have planned the project near their land fooling the nation.

      2. We have to be realistic too. Why education city to make DPT members GNH when our country is running under shortage of basic needs. If you all disagree with me, then lets see even in the Thimphu town. We the poor people has no access to the safe and 24hr drinking water forget about the villagers. So why our leaders cannot look into such broader and other national problems than their own life making? We can see our great leaders are becoming more greedy and selfish. These are hitting my heart every now and then. I may be wrong but its my concerned views.  

      3. We can clearly see the conflict of interest. For me it is clear. I feel like declaring war against these rubbish leaders. Why they have to lie? Why they need everything for them ? I am terribly sad….angry…please give me a rest…. I think I will keep here…really its enough, enough enough….I have many to share I cannot do it, moreover who will listen to us…..poor country poor peolpe with such a greedy and selfish leaders….where are we heading???? Sorry…….if I hurt anyone but it is fact….

    • there is nothing wrong in owning land near the education city but what is wrong is taking project near your land. So understand the difference !!! Its only people like you who are willing to give our country in the hands of dogs …

      • freeexpression

        There is no place in Bhutan where projects, schools, offices, markets, hospitals, etc. are located far from the land of the rich and the powerful. Even if the project is located in Lunana, the rich and powerful would buy the land near that project that next day. The location of the land of the powerful and rich near the education city could also be by circumstances and not preplanned. We need to look at this issue through wide lens and not limit to the thinking of few people. If you tell me that Nandalal Rai constructed the Airport in Sarpang because he owned land nearby without looking at the landscape and other strategic conditions, I do not know where we will reach. near every school, town, hospital, etc. people own land. So all are corruption. This is not always the case. It could be in some cases. But let is see the property of all politicians then. Let us not limit to few…. I agree we should not be cheated. But I also fail to understand and find a politician without desire and human greed.

        • The way you are trying to defend DPT ex-ministers in this particular case indicates that you are related to those goons. Why don’t you see this particular case as corruption of policy like any other person commenting in this forum? 
          You agree that you should not be cheated, but you try to defend those who cheated you and all. That’s an irony. I am saddened that even  educated ppl like you (leave aside the illiterate and unfortunate public) do not support the extensive and commendable research done by The Bhutanese. Attitude like your’s is not going to help Bhutan rid away the Corruption which is eating away our country like Army Worms. Say No to Corruption, please… 

    • The problem is telling a lie.

    • Ai Sam Nai Sam

      Dear Freeeexpression
      Everybody has right to purchase the land in Bhutan and we have right to do that. But please study the attitude about our leaders in Bhutan. Yes you are right that they have owned their land before Education City had formulated but why they have brought the Education City in their land? I am sure you are not one of the relatives of them other wise pull up your socks be prepare for the betterment of our country. Thank you

      • Ha ha… it seems that you have already pulled up your socks to serve the country. This is good. But do not get swayed by the news in the media at the time of election. There could be many motives behind. I think education city project has been initiated since many years. I doubt how this issue has come at this hour. Do you think if the education city was located in Khotokha, it would have been good? I do not think that the investors would invest at a location that is far away, remote and cold place. Location is important for business. Do you also think that those rich and powerful would not buy land nearby if the education city was located at Khotokha? Rather than always thinking the other way, it is also good to think positively. Bargain with an old farmer and buy land near Chuzom on loan. There are many other people who own acres there, not only Ministers. All these people will also benefit. If the location is changed, then these people also would not benefit. So while it is certainly irritating to know that Ministers own land nearby, it is also benefiting many other Bhutanese people. But what is the use of all this fuss? You cannot take even a milligram of soil with you when you die? All will remain on earth for future generations. Who knows that one of such people to benefit could also be your own children or grand children. Forget politics and enjoy life in this beautiful country. Many people from outside are desperate to come here and live.

    • Yes, everyone has the right to buy land anywhere as long as they have money but its entirely different thing to misuse the gov.t resource n intellectuals to ensure a business advantage over others that too by the ministets in power….

  6. Now I can press the “vote button” on 13th July 2013 with clear choice in my mind. So far I was 50-50 with both the parties. Thank you “The Bhutanese” for bringing out these critical and brave (I say brave because people in Bhutan are still afraid to speak against the powerful and mighty) stories to the public of Bhutan. We needed to know this.

    Please go on with your work and inform the public of Bhutan with such kind of stories.

  7. Finally the truth is here for the public.

  8. How near is near? Have you measured the distance from each of the lands to the education city? And does it really matter whether or not they have land here there or anywhere since they had no hand in selecting the land?
    And why don’t you investigate how much land each of the PDP members and their supporters have near the education city…since you are such a top investigator?

    • Palden Drukpa

      Simple answer to your difficult questions: See google earth to analyse the how near to near. If you don’t trust google earth, hope you must be knowing how to interpret aereal photograph, It is available in land survey. It doesn’t matter when they own land here and there but don’t say these people, our great leaders has no hand in selecting site. If you want to know on this go to concerned office and see who is the chairperson and who are committee members for selecting site? It will help you. If PDP members own land there, it is logic that the education city will be not there. We should use our brain a bit. Moreover if any of the PDP members own land then it is for sure they will be listed here. So don’t mixed up yourself. It seems like you will mix by looking at you name ‘Politics’ There is no doubt that Mr. Tenzin is the top of the top investigative professional Journalist in our country but not top investigator. Seems like you also have land near education moch. We appreciate your fore head if you have. 
      In general, I am concerned for our nation at the large when our leaders try to fool us for their own benefit. It is clear and crystal that education city is located there with great conflict of interest. Nothing against anyone than truth. Hope you are clear. Further, answering your questions doesn’t mean I am supporter of PDP. God bless you

  9. Citizens have right to know what their leaders are doing. Keep it up ‘The Bhutanese’. We want such investigative news of our crocked leaders. DPT govt. always want street gossip news, do not want media to report what govt do behind close doors. What is why DPT is against RTI Act. If DPT rules for another 5 yrs, i have a great concern what DPT will do with out the knowledge of its citizens. If ever if PDP comes as next ruling govt & play same trick with its citizens like DPT did/doing, please let citizens know what they are doing? As for now & for change, i favor PDP.

    • It seems like the only people who matter in Bhutan are people associated with DPT. The others must be invisible or non existent for you. It seems that PDP and their supporters can do no wrong, even if they are fabricating lies and tryign to hoodwink the people. But, if you someone who subscribes to that, thats your problem. What we know we know, no matter how hard we try to convince others that it is otherwise and in the end the truth shall prevail.

  10. Freeexpression, It is not that you can’t have properties but the big question here is how could the education city selected near their properties. I know the site was very much vaible at Khodakha, but this people some how put pressue and selected the present sites that is what i can sense from this report.

    • freeexpression

      I only hope that you were not there in the site selection meeting. Based on what evidence can you say that the decision was made under pressure. Please do not judge based ion your sensing. Judge based on evidence.

  11. Im all for the truth but, I hope the investigating reporter as a matter of ethics, informed the interviewee that the conversation was being recorded.

  12. Freeeexpression…you foolish…try to analyze if you are human 

  13. The issue is not about owning/buying/selling land but about abuse of authority, making decisions to fulfill self-interest at the cost of the nation, and fooling the public. So much of wealth / property, and still desires to make more that too through dishonest means which must not tolerated in a small country like ours with few hundred thousand population. Rich will get richer, and poor will become poorer!   

  14. In time the “lie” always becomes a victim of the “truth”.

  15. good job by the Bhutanese. well done. fight for the truth although it is bitter.

  16. DPT and JYT must be held accountable for such a lapse. this is a clear policy corruption.

  17. Meghraj Tamang

    This is real investigative journalism which provides information to citizen.

  18. Well, let them have the land as long as it is as per rule. This is an investment for them, and it will be so for the nation. Once the education city comes up, those land around it, for sure, would be used for establishing modern structures, which is indispensable for education city. What would education city alone do, if there is no other amenities to run?. Now, don’t say that government should built it? On one hand we talk of no support to private sector development on other we are over reacting on owning lands that would potentially bring lots of benefits through tax revenue. If left to the education city alone to grow into vibrant business, well, it may be long gone.

  19. What is the distance from the nearest road point of Education City to the land owned by former ministers? What is your definition of near in terms of Kilometer? 

    Studying the Google Earth Image, I reckon it is atleast 5-7 kilometers between Education City and the land owned by the former minsters. And the land owned by ex Speaker is even further.

  20. if personnel list has to go down in the history for our future references, then i think Tenzin Lamzang should be top in the list who has contributed in the strengthening democracy in Bhutan.

  21. Truth hurts……thumps up TL

  22. Hats up to the “The Bhutanese” paper. You have done great work for the people of Bhutan

  23. it is good that they have owned land because they have money and power before, but lying the nation is their fault…. now it is in the hands of the people whether they want to opt for the same government or want changes for the people of bhutan.

  24. You are a true son of Palden Drukpa, a brave soldier fighting corruption by exposing the acts of commission and omission to further their own self, family and party interest instead of serving the Tsawasum as they claim.  May the guardian deities of Bhutan bless and protect you always!

  25. “if u do not have brains, u follow the same route twice”
    people pretend not to know what this heads do and what they say. to ruin the disadvantaged, somebody’s word is more than his deeds.
    vote for Horse where u can ride and reach the destination together( GNH)

  26. I am not writing as a supporter of any of the two competing parties, but as a concerned citizen of this nation, I am appalled by the very fact, that there are people who seem to think that there’s nothing wrong in the Great Education City Project. Even with this piece of evidence???

    • If the so called evidence were true, you should be  appalled. Don’t pretend to be so righteous. 

  27. Dear The Bhutanese,
    Are you continuing the Bhutan Lottery story? Please bring it up in the public domain as soon as possible. It was mentioned earlier that Royal audit had prepared and submitted a report. What happened to the Audit Report? Has it been destroyed or hidden? Is Aum Neten not interested in this story? I believe some group of people has greatly benefited from the Lottery scam and that the Lottery was banned altogether, but why? I believe, it is one of the main reasons for Rupee problem!
    Dear The Bhutanese, please dig out this story and make it public.

  28. Horses have become redundant now. ride four wheeled prados.

    • Dear Khoupo, I think you are an Ex-Minister who has robbed away a public prado during the end of your term. You are deaf and blind to the corruption. Wake up and help Bhutan rid away Corruption.

  29. Tshering Dradro

    Let us vote for horse this time to see new faces in the cabinet. The cabinet of cranes were given chance, but …gyelpozhing land case and Education city and lottery and many more…do I need to mention more…and If the cabinet of horse does the same then The Bhutanese will reprimand like what they are doing just now. Then only we will know the true colour of The Bhutanese and TL. But for now we learnt a lot from the investigative story of Tenzin Lamsang.

  30. DPT has given us a good start with democracy. they are liar, they are cheater, they are corrupt and deceptive. people know this. we deserve a change now. we should not support such a party which is full of sweet talk and does all corrupt work. There is neither Dranam nor Drangdhen under them. Their ideology is to mislead and cheat people of Bhutan to win votes and further cheat!. This apparent from their actual act. They do not have compunction to even take in corrupt people as their candidates. 

  31. Hello Bhutanese, is this the corruption done by dpt government or are they not allowed to buy lands in bhutan. after I read the article I comprehended that the land owned by the ministers were bought by paying the money. am I wrong or for that that your says are most welcomed.

    • I think its not about having land near the education city or not…or buying or not….i think it is about conflict of interest. Education city is chosen there because ministers have land there, i think. They were the one to decide the location of education city, i believe. thats why problem. it could have been chosen in some other part of country which could help in bringing equal development and reduce rural-urban migration. 

    • ppl like you will never understand as long as you do not feel that there is corruption involved in this case. Please grow up and say no to corruption, Mr Dodo.


        If you cannot buy a piece of land yourself, do not be jealous of others owning land. May be for you and me we have not accumulated merits in the past lives to be able to buy a plot of land in this life.???

  32. Hope rich people of Bhutan are trying to compete for richest man in the world other wise why people die to become so rich … indeed they have whatever they need …

    If education city is constructed in other parts of Bhutan (in a remote but facilities like electricity and roads available) then it would bring equal development and also rural – urban migration will be also reduced. In addition many poor public will be benefited.

    Please serve the king, country and public not yourself, family and relatives …

  33. well done and keep going with the work.!

  34. Am not interested in politics and wealth. When you die your have to leave everything behind and go alone, no matter whatever worth of wealth you posses. Better don’t get yourself involved in such  DAHYCHA,  ZHEADHANG, NAGGAY, TIGMUG, and  THARDO which in turn will bear you no fruits than to take you in DORJI NEAGWA directly. In this Buddhist religious country please behave at least like buddhism for the shake of Bhuddha and GURU RIMPOCHE.
    thank God.  

  35. Some guys have started sharing links on how China has set camps in Bhutan’s territory, hoisted flags and so on… (reported by India,

    This paper should investigate such things too… it is regarding national security. Importance on such investigations must be given priority Lamsang… Leave aside whether they have land nearby education city or not… 

  36. I don’t understand why silly stories are written and silly comments are published here. Don’t think that PDP leaders and politicians are clean and perfect. The only difference is that there is no newspaper that investigates about PDP’s involvement.

  37. The educated lot know about the corruption- Gyelpoizhing, Lottery, Education City, Prado … but the rural population, i.e the major vote bank don’t seem to know them as clearly as the city dwellers do. Know it’s high time BBS (TV/Radio) Kuzoo and other media bring them up and inform the nation. I don’t have other form of communication in my sleeves now, may other readers could contribute. My point is how do we put the message across to our rural parents. These guys are bent on voting for DPT this time too since they brought roads, water, electricty, etc. Kindly do suggest some mode of communicating the blunders made by 1st govt. before it’s too late.

    • spot on drachompa,,,,,  totally agree,,,,,   it can reach to the innocent rurals only through the educated us,,,,,,    but sadly still some educated lot are hell bend on supporting DPT just for the sake of it,,, mayb they are related to eachother somehow,,,,   besides DPT members have their connections so deep rooted (why not???  they hv been in posts of lyonpos, dzongdas, etc,,,, for decades) so they hv their roots very deep in the educated group too…..

  38. Nice work..i really appreciate the information so sensitive in the mainstream newspaper…there should be more of this kind of secrets to be told…good luck

  39. i dont how far TL can continue his job if he is alone. I call upon all fellow citizens to support this man who really has the guts and talents to reach  such facts to the common citizens. who till date has done such works for the welfare of the commoners? My salute to and i have become ur greatest fan.

  40. TL congrats for this article.  The only thing I did not like about it is the recording of the telephone talks to malign Lyonpo Thakhur’s wife.  I know she is an illiterate lady and imagine your illiterate mum being treated in the same way like you treated LTP wife.  How will you feel and what will be your reaction.  Anyways you will soon be the recipient of red scarves for your valuable services rendered to our peaceful country.  Tashi Delek in advance.  Cheers….

    • The only thing I did not like is Lyonpo Thaku telling blatant lies to the public which is unbecomming for academician like him.

  41. well done mr tenzing lhamsang it will be great if could bring hot news same as this you prof that you brought the paper and if you could bring the live media in remote area also it will be great and emotion people in the remote area will know the truth, because they don’t understand from one angle.they are having there land near by education city they have there  own money  but question is that why they plan the education city in that place only why not in wangdi or some other place and also why they lie being the post of minister, instead of  showing  good way to the nation of people.any good luck and keep it up and please let as know some more hot news the bhutanese.

  42. I am saddened with this news. DPT, I thought was doing good for our country but now it is proven that it had been cheating us. So sad. I am frustrated. We do want democracy. Democracy is making us feel frustrated.

  43. kudos – Tenzing lamsang and the bhutanese,,,,    innocent bhutanese citizens have reason to be proud of you,,,,,  but those innocent brains are everytime being brainwashed by the witty ex lyonpos of DPT,,,, mastermind in the shape of JYT

  44. in 2004 i bought 30 decimals of land opposite to the site. in my case no body question me and ask me the detail. i did not know such positive development could come. it is my karma anyway.  had i been  joined  as mp of either parties my name could be in paper. Thanks gods.

  45. Anti-Bhutanese paper

    Well…Well…Well… Look at the date of acquisition of land…Its been ages since inherited or bought by the landowners….Does it warrant to called ” Evidence behind the education city”… Why can’t the Head Office of this papers located in Thrimshingla… or Namling Brak…Is it justifiable to report to the public, Just because they have ancestral land nearby the education?….

    As i said…Proximity to airport and to the city are the critical avenues that would attract the investors.. will it be reasonable, if our government identify, “PHAJODING”, NAMLINGBRAK, GYELPHOSHING…and so on…do you think that the investors are fool?

    Tenzin Lamzang, i appreciate what you report but what you report should be sensible and reasonable. Why can’t you do a research from investors’ perspective? You should get the views on what are the criteria used by the investors…One obvious answer u would get it proximity.. accessibility…and so on… before, reporting on other peripheral, the reporter need to understand the financial and other viability studies done by the experts…

    in terms of substance, i dont appreciate this news…a wrong news in wrong time…to be more technical why can’t you do more research on viability of this project? and then report….

  46. no matter what. my vote is for DPT. No one is capable like DPT to run the country. i can influence hundred voters to vote for DPT

  47. It is quite embarassing that our educated leaders are foolong innocent Bhutanese by amazing wealth and properties through dishonest means. When all the people come to know the truth and become hypersensitive such negative actions are bound to create personal conflicts and problems in soceity at large.

  48. In the east lies 7acres of exPM. South lies 7acres of jigmitsultrim, north lies 14acres of wife of yeshizimba &west lies 0.5acressof TSP. Middle lies Govt land. Of course it might have been bought 5, 10, even 20yrs back. BUT the main question is why Govt has to locate Education City here? Obviously they r immediately benefited.
    The EC should have been located at Yongphula wehre we have 1000acres +. Why in the west? If lovated in east bhutan, these 4guys will not be benefited.  Cunningly it was located here. So there is a clear policy corrutpion.

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