The final five aspiring NC candidates from Wangdue Phodrang

1. Tashi Dorji (Rubesa)

Tashi Dorji, the incumbent NC member who also announced his candidature to re-contest in this NC election holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, New York. He also worked as a Protocol Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the year 2006-2007 and was a Chief Executive Officer at Bhutan Nyinzer Expeditions from the year 2010 – 2012.

The incumbent NC member said, “The fact that I have been nominated again from the Gewog level with highest ‘yes’ votes percentage assured me the trust and confidence bestowed on me for my service to the King and the Country in the last five years. Furthermore, I was also encouraged with the assurance from people of 15 gewogs to support me for the next term.”

If elected for another term, Tashi Dorji said that he will continue to give his best in the legislative mandates or Policy Review Mandates like he did during his first term. “With regard to my constituency I now have a clearer picture of every corner of Wangdue Dzongkhag compared to when I first ran for the NC seat in 2013. With all the acquired information on the ground realities of the Dzongkhag, my top priority for this term would be to work closely with the Local Government and focus on assuring self-sufficiency of every households.”

2. Passang Thrinlee (Bjenag)

Passang Thrinlee holds a Masters Degree in Military Science & Strategy from Defence Services staff College, Willington. He served in RBA for 26 years, after which he served as the Commandant in Police Recruits Training Centre, Jigmeling on Deputation from Army in 2000-2003. After resigning from RBA to stand for 1st parliamentary Election 2008, he served as National Assembly member from Athang-Thedso Constituency in the year 2008-2013 which gave him an experience in Legislation & developmental plans. He then served as a Security Officer in Wilson Security Australia from the year 2013-2016.

“If elected, I would like to bring policy changes to facilitate growth and equal opportunity to reach to the poorest and the most unfortunate,” said Passang Thrinlee.

Passang Thrinlee said that the reason he is contesting for this NC race is to gain working experience and feel the difference between NC and NA.

3. Rada Wangchuk (Thromde)

Rada Wangchuk holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Technology and specialized in Architectural Innovation and Management (AIM) from Shinawatra International University, Thailand.

He worked as an Architect in Bhutan Architectural Service and Infrastructure Consulting, Thimphu and has been practicing Architecture Design and Planning since 2014.

“One of my top priorities will be to review and advocate Draft National Human Settlement Policy for constructing a better future for the built up environment. We also need to strengthen the spatial planning system by proposing specific legislation. Spatial planning standards and regulations and acts were all drafted this year,” said the NC aspirant. He also added, “I hear people saying that farm road, building schools and BHUs are not the responsibility of NC member, but I would like to say that it is the responsibility of all the elected members.”

Rada Wangchuk said that, if elected, he will focus on expanding rural economy by encouraging the establishment of rural agro-based enterprises and cooperatives, and promoting better farming techniques and practices. “Enhancement of sustainable rural livelihood and national food security will be one of my top priorities. Eco-tourism, address youth unemployment and Gungtong in the region will also be explored,” he added.

4. Thinley (Thedtsho Gewog)

Thinley hold a Diploma in electrical engineering and Bachelors of Technology in Electrical & Electronics engineering.

He has10 years of working experience in government offices, corporate offices, hydro projects and the private sector.

“I decided to contest this election as I feel it’s a great opportunity take part and it not always about winning the votes but it is participation that counts.”

“I look forward to the greater progress of the ongoing reconstruction of the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong and two other ongoing huge mega hydro projects PHPA-I and PHPA-II,” he added.

5. Dawa Tshering (Saephu)

Dawa Tshering holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Culture Studies from Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha. He worked as a Protocol Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the year 2011-2013, Programme Producer and presenter, Radio Department, Bhutan Broadcasting Service in the year 2013-2016 and engaged in Tourism Marketing in Malaysia and Singapore in the year 2016-2017.

He decided to contest in the NC elections to ensure that all the laws, plans and policies reviewed, amended and initiated are understood clearly by every citizen at the grassroots level, provide better choice for the people to choose the best, and to put into practice what he has learned over the ages while working at BBS about the role of policy makers and what it would mean to represent the people.

“Given a chance to serve the people in the highest policy making institution, I would really like to advocate people with the existing laws rather than making new laws as I found that many people are not aware of the rules and regulations,” he said.

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