The first building block of the Mindfulness City

The first building block of Gelephu will be the former Gyalsung Food Security site of Tareythang in Sarpang. It already has a built-up area of 1.2 square million feet of high quality construction and several structures.

The construction has been put on pause to repurpose it for the Gelephu Mindfulness City.

The land and the structures will be a part of what investors will be offered.

The completed and almost completed structures are 21 buildings in 7 blocks which are for the Gyalsung cadets, then there are more buildings housing 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments for officers.

Giant structures of the classrooms and the administration precinct is already completed.

The area has completed high quality football turf and a huge parade ground is almost done. A swimming pool is also under construction.

Giant dining sites have also been built which can also be used as data centers.

The site already has a Central boulevard which is called the line of blessing with Bougainville flowers already coming up there. Another boulevard across is called the line of vision.

There are provisions for an open-air theater and shorter boulevards and also a helipad in the plans.

The right side of the areas was supposed to have the agricultural fields which have rich soil.

The Gyalsung site which was originally for Agriculture and Food Security has been shifted to Jamtsholing in Samtse where it will be together with Construction.

There is a biodiversity team that can plant any type of plants the investors want. Investors can see for themselves and use the area as potential offices, residential areas, education institutions, Bio-Science research places, data centers etc.

This the first structure for the Mindfulness City and as a Gyalsung site it was biggest with 2,502 acres. Now as part of the city it will get a total of 4,500 acres.

The site also has the residential sites of 1,000 Desuups for Gyalsung (DFG) involved in building the project. These prefab structures are built to last for 50 years and will also be on offer.

An official said that this is and up and running site and interested investors can pick it up.

The structure can be used as an international college, international school, date centers etc.

It was supposed to provide boarding facilities for around 5,000 people. And with the staff quarters and Desuup structures it can house 6,000 to 7,000 people.

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