The first TVET Graduates convocation

Sample dress for manual workers equipped with Personal protective equipments

In a first ever of its type for Technical Vocation and Education Graduates (TVET), more than 1300 graduates from six Technical Training Institute (TTI) and two Institute of Zorig chusums (IZC) will gather for their convocation.

The convocation will be held similar to University graduates’ convocations. The three day event will commence from the 29th till 31st October in Thimphu.

Labor Minister Dorji Wangdi said it is mainly to give them the prior recognition like other university graduates.

A ministry spokesperson said the nation is gearing up with many economic development activities and there is dire need of skilled work force. Therefore to mark the importance of the skilled work force such program was initiated by the labor ministry (MoLHR).

Labor minister Dorji Wangdi said there is critical need of skilled Human resources to drive and sustain economic growth. Therefore investing on TVET not only produces skilled work force but also helps sustain economic growth.

Further he related the concept to an American quote “America is not build by University graduates but by the Diploma holders.”

More than 20,000 day workers and 55,000 expatriates with work permit enter Bhutan to work.  He said that it portrays the growing need for skilled workers.

Thus, to give more emphasis on TVET, graduates are being called for the first convocation.

More than 1300 graduates from six TTIs and two IZCs have registered for the convocation and every year more than 450 trainees graduate from the institutes.

Apart from having the overwhelming number of graduates, the Minister said that it indicates that there is a need for recognition for TVET graduates in the past years also.

All the graduates from the year 2004 till date would celebrate their convocation but officials from the ministry are still working on how to accommodate all of them in the Nazhoen Pelri Hall, which is the chosen venue.

“TVET graduates are the real nation builders and we plan to have different attire for them rather than wearing gown on that occasion,” said the Minister.

Plans are therefore to use the proper technical dress which they wore during their training courses, with all the personal protective equipments and other safety accessories

On the first day the graduates will have tracer study where labor ministry officials will collect the basic information regarding their working atmosphere, their performances, inconveniencies they face and related aspects.

“Through these information we can further improve the institutes and courses we offer,” said the minister.

On the following day TVET graduates will be oriented by the labor minister on the Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) measures, working conditions in private and corporate sectors and about the new policies and regulation for TVET.

This orientation will help make the TVET graduates into ambassadors to convey the messages on how OHS is important and what conditions are required for an employee to work in their sectors. It will be an awareness program for them, as well.

After that graduates will have the convocation program on the final day.

The MoLHR plans to have similar programs in the future to mark the importance of TVET and Skilled work force. The next convocation would be held after every two years from now.

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