The game of accusations and justifications continue in Dogar-Shaba debate

The general election public debate in Paro’s Dogar-Shaba constituency started with the brief introduction of the candidates, party ideologies and manifestos, and followed by the questions hurling back and forth, specifically intended pull out flaws, in front of an audience and the general public on Live TV.

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidate Chencho Dorji, who is the incumbent MP, thanked his supporters and said he has worked hard for the last five years to complete almost all the pledges and promises that were made in 2008.

The DPT candidate said within the five-year term, the former government has succeeded in bringing much socio-economic development in tourism and hydro power projects that will be completed soon.

Chencho Dorji said DPT’s main focus in 2013 will be on making Bhutan into a self-reliant nation that will not have to depend on other countries for development aid. The DPT candidate said he will be looking at the problems in his constituency like, safe drinking water supply, and maintenance of farm roads.

“Many new developmental works have been started, and if I get elected I will be completing those,” said Chencho Dorji.

In the question and answer session, he justified DPT’s stand on the ‘rumors of corruption’ involving the choice of location for the Education City. He said the location for Education City was not selected by DPT candidates who owned land around the site.

“It was been selected by outsiders, who came to see the suitability of the location,” he added.

He also mentioned that the budget for 11th FYP has not yet been confirmed, and it will depend upon the 2013 elections.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Kezang Wangmo said the PDP’s ideology ‘Wangtse Chhirpel’ will give power to the people.

The PDP candidate pledged to bring safe drinking water supply, utility cars for gewog centres, and to have well maintained farm roads.  Kezang Wangmo also said there’s been a strain on the Bhutan-India ties, and that if PDP comes to power then it will help strengthen the ties. She pledges to work on solving youth unemployment problems, and the Rupee Crises.

During the debate, Kezang Wangmo raised the issue of the DPT candidates declaring that DPT will win the general elections and PDP will be the opposition party, and those supporting PDP and its pledges are, but voting in vain, as the PDP pledges will not be realized. This, Kesang Wangmo said is confusing the voters.

The PDP candidate said that the idea of the Bhutan Lottery which was started by the government under the fourth Druk Gyalpo is being considered mere gambling by DPT candidates. She said the undermining of PDP pledges by DPT is saddening.

“Our pledges and promises are simple and it is possible to be achieved,” she added.

She also mentioned that the DPT candidate has not completed all his promises and pledges in the constituency.

The public debate for Paro, Dogar Shaba constituency ended with candidates answering questions from audience in the hall.

The DPT candidate Dogar-Shaba constituency in Paro served in Bhutan National Bank (BNB) before joining politics in 2008. He served as a Member of Parliament for five years. He completed his masters from Australia.

Kezang Wangmo completed her graduation from Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha. She worked as an actor in the local film industry for around four years before joining politics.

The public debate for Dogar-Shaba constituency in Paro took place in Wangchang Gewog Yargay Tshogdu hall.

Damchoe/ Thimphu


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