The Great Reformer

The transformation reforms from its inception has generated much speculation, but His Majesty’s detailed Royal Address to the Parliament not only clarified all confusions but also showed that the reforms are keeping the people at its very center.

His Majesty’s impactful words that the people cannot serve the RCSC, RMA, BoB or other government agencies and instead they should serve the people is very important.

While there was some talk when a large number of senior executives were managed out His Majesty made it clear that the reforms should be tough on those who hold power to ensure that the powerless are not troubled.

The Civil Service as a machinery consumes more than it delivers and this was apparent in the budget figures and the address.

The transformation reforms will not be easy and as His Majesty said there will be all kinds of challenges in the way, but failure is not an option.

Going back in time if His Majesty The Third King had not pushed people to send their kids to school we would be a very different country.

If the Fourth King had not opted to protect our forests, then we would have been like any other country in the region with a rapidly declining forest cover and much worse ecological problems.

People would have loved to cut down trees in large numbers in their areas to make easy money.

The other major reform of His Majesty The Fourth King was the introduction of democracy and here again the people were initially not sure, but it has turned out well now.

His Majesty The King from his time on the Golden Throne has been behind some very important reforms which continue to serve us well today like DHI, Land Commission, Dessups and so many more.

Right from the earliest times our Kings have introduced major reforms at crucial times that have served the country well.

The reforms have worked overtime as there was good faith and trust between the people and our Kings and so the people joined in and ensured the reforms worked.

The reforms in this case are from a King for whom the welfare of the people is key.

We all know this especially during the pandemic when His Majesty risked his life to safeguard ours and emptied out the Royal Funds.

All of us were deeply emotional when His Majesty talked to Karma Dechen because we know in our hearts that our King really cares and means every word of it.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
Warren Bennis

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