The Happiness of Art

The Art of the Venue Mojo Park

A “venue” is defined as “the place where something hap-pens”.

A happening is a performance, event or situation meant to be considered art, usually as performance art. Hap¬penings occur anywhere and are often multi-disciplinary, with a non-linear narrative and the active participation of the audience.

Based on that definition it is certainly a “happening” at Mojo Park in Thimphu these days! Wed, Friday and Saturday night a theater comes alive with live local bands and singer song writers; the baby boomers, daydream farmers, the buds, Zhaw, Ugay Pandy to name just a few local lumi¬naires. The ringleader him-self, the one and only Supe, electrifies the inner circus as all the musicians and performers jam in together and elevate each other.

Some nights it is simply breathtaking when a guest musician comes from another land, and amps up the showmanship, these nights are never a disappointment as the locals always seem to rise to the occasion and create a welcoming synergy. Karma, Ganchu and a few others can be found behind the scenes making sure the vibe is right on. But we cannot ignore the familiar faces behind the bar who make sure you get your drinks on time with love…they are all the “vibe holders” for sure and what a vibe it is…

Another important part of any “happening” that we cannot leave out is the importance the audience has in the experience. It

is a two way street with live performance and the crowd at Mojo Park is as cool and chill as the bands they follow and the vibe they help create. It’s an attentive, mellow vibe of music lovers and the cool people of Thimphu.

If you think that sounds good, there is more!

Outside the inner stage of the club is a delightful area that is just as creative and inspiring, as inside – I’ll call it “Philosopher’s around the Fire”. There are usually two fires going on either side of the door and many people gathered around the fire having the most interesting conversations. I have heard more wisdom shared around these fires then I have heard from the “intellectual elite” circles at the Yale Club.

The only thing this humble writer might suggest to make the experience absolutely perfect is some more input from the ladies. I know there are some talented women out there, Sonam Dolma performs sometimes with the baby boomers but certainly not enough and some other women have graced the stage for a song or two but to really get the mojo going methinks we need a dakini or two on a more regular basis! Maybe the ringleader and vibe holders can help us out with this one…

Mojo Park is great way to get your soul fed on a weekend night, there is a cover and it is worth every cent!

I can honestly say Mojo Park is one of my greatest sources of inspiration in Thimphu.

Come down, check it out, get the vibe and get inspired!

Opinion by Aine Carey

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