The honored ones

If one takes a broad sweep of those honored this year they fall into three categories of contributions in the civil service, education and health and the traditional arts.

Bhutan has been growing tremendously in the last few years and experiencing unprecedented changes in its economy, society, governance etc.

While growth and improvement is always welcome it is vital to not lose sight of the basics and the main goals for a state.

In honoring the RCSC Chairman and other civil servants His Majesty has reminded us that the civil service can make or break this nation. His Majesty’s stress on using the approximately 200 working days effectively is an important reminder.

The honoring of educationists and health related professionals underscore the importance both good education and health care being the basic building blocks of any country. His Majesty also underscored his concern for the youth in recognizing Lam Shenphen Zangpo who works with troubled youth.

The recognition awarded to Lopen Nyapchi, Yanglop Drep Bosokarp and the four master craftsmen underscores the lifeblood of Bhutan, which is its rich history, tradition and culture. In that light His Majesty’s explanation of the Kabney representing the compassion of Buddha and the Patang as the strength with which one should protect the nation is a timely reminder to all.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit .”



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