The ministerial choices

The logic behind the choice of ministers by the Prime Minister has remained a mystery until now.

The PM in an interview to BBS-1 revealed the reasons behind the choices he made.

The PM made it clear that factors like age, gender and regional background did not matter.

It was instead based on the capability of the candidate, the background to be fit for the post, their work and contribution to the party over five years, their contribution in other fields, who took extra concern etc.

One criteria also seems to have been the margin of victory which the PM did not spell out.

It is good that the final ministerial list is a mix of youth and experience. The list in a way shows that thought has also been put into the future leadership of the party as this will be Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay’s last term as PM.

The young leaders will be the future of PDP.

An interesting revelation is that the PM informing the ministers that their tenure is not secure and they can be removed for not performing well even within a year.

The Cabinet will have its own performance management system with the PM assessing the ministers based on their weekly work plan and how much of that has been achieved.

This will keep the ministers on their toes and also send a positive signal down the system.

It is very important that the PM keeps a close eye on his ministers as poor or inadequate leadership at the top can hamper any organization.

It is also good that the PM is holding himself accountable by drawing up a road map for himself and listing out what are the objectives.

The PM has learnt well from his first term where at times there is a lot of effort and meetings but in the end not all objectives are achieved as there is no roadmap or deliverables.

Going ahead, while the government has given nine directives and formed many committees they must all make sure to consult and take into account the voices of the various stakeholders.

I don’t know any other way to lead but by example.

Don Shula

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