The North Thimphu manifestos

Both the ruling People’s Democratic Party and the Opposition Druk Phuensum Tshogpa party candidates have released their respective party manifestos.

PDP’s Tshering who has a more detailed and longer manifesto made specific promises for different parts of the North Thimphu constituency.

The main focus of the candidate is on giving good water supply in his constituency. His manifesto says, “Water supply will be given high priority both in terms of construction and distribution for Thim-Throm, Changangkha, Motithang, Chubachu, Zilukha, Hejo, Kawangjangsa, Jushingna, Babena, Samtenling, Langjophakha, Taba, Dechencholing, Kabesa, Begana , Changtagang, etc.”

For North Thimphu-Throm he talked of improvement and maintenance of roads, water supply, drainage and sewerage facilities in Dechencholing and ensuring proper implementation of Local Area Plan (LAP) in Taba with streetlights, footpaths, water supply, drainage, sewerage, recreational parks, etc.

The candidate also promises improvement of roads, water supply, drainage and sewerage facilities in Jungshina  Babena, Samtenling, Pamtsho, Hejo, Zilukha, Kawangjangsa, Changangkha, Motithang, Chubachu, etc.

Another promise is improvement of City Bus services.

For Kawang Gewog his priorities are improvement of Kabesa road, improvement and blacktopping of road from Kawang Gewog Center to Bagena, construction of bridge from Changtagang to Kushuchen and expediting development plans to let people build houses in Kawang Gewog.

He also talked of a youth Service Center in Kawang Gewog, community meeting hall for Begana and improvement of the road to Gasachoeling Gomba, Nimashong, Dekiling, and Begana and Changtagang.

For the remote Lingshi, Soe and Naro Gewogs he said he would begin preparatory and construction works of Lingshi Dzong from 2017, improve the Lingshi mule track and construct three permanent Bazams and construct road from Barshong to Zhodu.

The Barshong-Zodu road is expected to reduce travel time from two days to one day. He also talked about preferential admission in Central Schools for Lingshi, Soe and Naro students, subsidized helicopter service for people of Lingshi, Soe and Naro and Gewog Utility Vehicles and Power Tillers for all Chiwogs.

The DPT candidate Kezang Wangmo in her manifesto said if elected she would focus on turning Thimphu into a safe and happy modern city with excellent urban amenities and services. She said she would give priorities to issues of water, youth unemployment, local areas plans, building permits, road and traffic.

She said to uplift and bring prosperity to the people of Soe-Naro-Lingzhi and the suburbs of Kawang she would focus on farm roads, electricity Dzong construction, timber and temporary construction.

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