The only certified energy drink enters the market

Anew energy drink ‘Carabao’ certified by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) and Department of Trade is on sale in the market.

‘Carabao’ will compete with ‘Red Bull’ that entered the Bhutanese market in 2008, and is being sold illegally for more than six years without a single agent in the country.

Talking with the agent, Loj and Pra Import and Export, dealer of ‘Carabao’ in Bhutan, initially the energy drink was inspected by BAFRA and Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA), and was banned for not having the labeling in English, as it was seen unsafe for consumers who will not be able to read the contents on the label.

The agent managed to pay extra money to the factory in Thailand for the English labeling to be made, and cleared the restriction and launched the energy drink recently in Bhutan.

“What makes our product distinct from existing energy drinks in the market is that labeling has been given in English and one can go through the contents in the product which will make easier for a consumer to make a choice and it will be of help in deciding what is good and bad for them,” the agent said.

The agent said there are cautions on the label that reads “might not be suitable for diabetics, young children and persons sensitive to caffeine.” He said such labels written in English are important for consumer safety.

The certification letter for ‘Carabao’ was issued a month ago by BAFRA and Department of Trade. Besides the certified agent located in Changzamtok area, no one is allowed to sell the energy drink in the market.

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