The PDP President thanked voters and clarified on recent allegations made by DPT while the electorate expressed support and raised issues

IMG_9016_bwThe President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Tshering Tobgay received a warm welcome in Haa Dzongkhag yesterday evening, where he reiterated his party pledges, acknowledged the voters for their support during the primary round of elections, and refuted the recent allegations made by Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT).

Speaking to a crowd of more than 800 people who gathered at the Katsho junior high school, Tshering Tobgay expressed his gratitude to the voters for their support and requested them to hold on to the same spirit for the General Election. “I wish to thank everyone for placing your trust in me and supporting the party, despite being unable to meet many of you during the primary round,” he said.

The PDP President stopped and spoke to some 300 people in Samar Gewog gathered at the Bjenkana primary school earlier in the afternoon.

Besides making clarifications on DPT allegations with regard to coalition, the President said PDP is now stronger than ever, with the seven Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) candidates joining the party on their own individual will. “In 2008, we had all the best candidates which have now been further strengthened,” he said.

The PDP President said the DNT candidates refused to join DPT because the PDP and DNT have a lot of the party ideologies in common. “With new times, we are all looking for change, decentralizing power to the grassroots, and empowering people. We do not want power to be held in the hands of a few, and that perhaps is the reason why other parties may have considered supporting PDP for we have this opportunity given by the people to contest in the general elections,” he said.

The President also said people will not seek ‘change’ in the system if the government benefits the people. “Three new parties were formed to contest in 2013, and one main reason behind it, is DPT’s incompetency or ignorance in serving the people of the country.”

On allegations and criticisms made by DPT, Tshering Tobgay dismissed it all as baseless and undemocratic. ”Parties are supposed to clearly convey and convince people with their pledges and manifestos, which is in the interest of the people. Instead of that, DPT is engaged in criticizing and defaming, which in the first place is of no importance to the people and are all baseless.”

Tshering Tobgay said PDP has always abided by the laws of the land and shall continue to do so.

“If DPT feels we are violating laws, they should oppose us through proper channels instead of making allegations in the air. We have the election commission, the courts and other authorities to take up such issues,” he said.

With regard to doubts over a candidate’s capability if any, the president said he would take personal responsibility to assure quality service by all the PDP candidates. He asked if the people had trust and faith in their Bji- Katsho candidate Kinley Wangmo, to which the crowd roared in approval.

Almost all the people at the gatherings who talked to The Bhutanese vowed to vote for PDP. They raised issues such as undesirable mining activities in the Dzongkhag approved by DPT while in power, lack of adequate tourist visits and poor farm roads among others.

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  1. “New Times’, New Ideas and Power in the hands of few ” were the slogans of the DNT.
    PDP president is uttering the same words, one can not tell lies to cover up the truth! The truth will prevail always, just wait and see! Things are exposing right and left Kanglung, Haa—and may be next from south and central!

  2. Firstly, the candidates of two parties joined and formed one. Then, the party workers of DNT were dragged into PDP. Now, PDP borrows DNT’s ideology of “new times, new ideas”. Yet, they say it is not a coalition because the Constitutions does not allow them to say. Does DNT really exist as a separate entity? Should DNT be allowed to come back as a separate party next time? These parties are there just to waste our government’s money. Isn’t it?

  3. let us all vote for PDP and support them

    • Mr. PAROP,
      We are going to travel by Prados not by helicopters. We will stict to Single Party rather than join coalition parties. People know PDP and DNT colluded and cheated people and ECB.

      • Khoupo, Nome one can cheat the law of the kingdom that is also during election. Do you think that former PM and DPT leave such issues if it is no as per the law of Kingdom of Bhutan. You cant travel by Prado if you don’t root out those corrupted Ministers. Ministers like JYT,YZimba,K Wangchuk and W Norbu will be ruling the government for the final term and if DPT win this time they will earn as much as they canthats why DPT has not so many  pledges in the rural like PDP.

  4. let us vote for change. It is sad to see our great country under such a mess today- with rupee crisis, no loans, no imports, freezes and restrictions everywhere. On the other hand, we see Education City with 1000 acres and 500 million. Please find out who owns this mega project?There are many 5 stars hotels and buildings in Thimphu under constructions. Find out the owners and exercise your votes.

  5. Haaps especially Bji-Kattshog-Esu should support PDP. Lyonpo I have no doubt he will win from there and now I came to realize PDP and DPT are neck to neck,no one can say who will win. Because of judging the capability and seniority of Dr. Gado if PDP loose by one seat to be as ruling Government  we the haaps are loosing a Prime Minister opportunity from our Dzongkhag which will never come again for the people of Haa. I have no doubt Haaps are broad minded and farsighted who will not misjudge their chance this time. 


  6. PDP zindabadh! Till now I was worried that if PDP comes to power, business tycoons like Ugyen Tshechhap would re-start all the mining activities in Samtse as he had already tried before but could not do so after Lyonchen denied him. but now I realized that the illegal mining in Haa has been approved by DPT government mainly because it was owned by DPT’s Kanglung-Ozorong-Samkhar candidate Palden Thinley Dorji who is related to Lyonchen’s family. Whether u call it nepotism or coincidence, it is not fair. Now I will go for PDP and c wat happens in the next five year.

    • Guys…….I think whoever comes to power can not do so much. What ever they say are done by civil servants, cooperate employee and private sector. So lest us try for a change, may be next time it our turn, he he.

  7. Yes Haps, In the want of PM from your Dzongkhag, you risk losing a minister. Which one do you want, DR. Gadho as a minister in the ruling party or Kinley OM sitting in the opposition? Analyse the primary results and predict consciously which party is most likely to win.

  8. Home away from home

    Hello all.
    Are we really wanted to go for a change? What are the logics and comparasions that we have done to go for a change? How old is our democracy and how many times DPT ruled and when and where did they fail? While comparing, there should have certain basis and what are those criteria? Come on civil servant, it is time to think well and help to restore peace and tranquility in our little society by looking at the borader perspective. Yea, every one will agree there are some failures and loopholes of DPT government but are we considering that these things have not happened if the governmend was formed by PDP or anticipated worst than now. As pure bhutanese citizens, let us not hope for magical show that by changing a government will bring developments and fulfill our desires and unlimited wants. Really, it is sad to see accusing our very senior leaders who all have worked for our country’s throughout their life say even more than the age of current aspiring prime ministerial candidates. These people have served our country in very bigger role even before the democracy under the dynamic leadership of our kings. Their services were well recognised by our kings and they were bestowed with bigger roles and responsibilities. These leaders have concerns for our country’s wellbeing and sovergienity and they are here serve the nations at their own capacities and also to stabilise the foundation of democracy in our country. Therefore, it is not the time for us to go for change at this point of time and let all of us think properly and take a decision by looking at the larger interest of our country.   I know you will suspect me as a DPT supporter but I am not and I just like to share my view and opinion.

  9. Guys u all are PDP supporters and will gain nothing even PDP comes to power. don’t waste your precious time as clock cannot be turn back. just do your own work which inturn will serve your family. PDP, DPT non will serve your family, just keep in mind….. Just go and work to earn for your family…. 

  10. I would definitely for Kinley Om than Dr. Gado. Last week I went to hospital to see a dentist. The machine there is not working and the doctors are having tough time. The machines are procured under his secretaryship. 

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