The People’s King

It is instructive that His Majesty The King spent his 40th Birth Anniversary praying in the Machhen Lhakhang in Punakha, and then granting Land Kidu.

This shows a leader, who even on his birthday, is engaged in activities that would benefit and public and the nation.

This will not come as a surprise to most Bhutanese who are familiar with the term the ‘People’s King.’

The term, early in His Majesty’s Reign, was to denote His Majesty’s accessibility to the common people and his popularity with them.

However, 14 years later since the start of his reign, this term now is far deeper and richer than its original meaning.

The ‘People’s King’ today is no longer just about His Majesty’s popularity, but it now has a long and rich history of genuine pro-people public service in everything that His Majesty does in an array of reforms from Land Kidu to Gyalsung.

In whatever His Majesty does, the welfare of the people are at the center of it.

It is apparent in the National Day addresses and other Royal Addresses of His Majesty that best captures the issues and challenges facing the country and solutions to them.

It is there in the wise and long-term vision of His Majesty that aims to have a more secure and prosperous Bhutan and Bhutanese citizens for all times to come.

It is also there in the variety of issues and microcosms of issues that His Majesty deals in and promotes, be it the Digital Revolution or timely support for the national football team.

It is apparent in the deep concern of His Majesty over the education, values and preparation of our youth.

It is there in His Majesty’s travels across the length and breadth of Bhutan and His Majesty’s ready response to major natural disasters.

His Majesty The Fourth King or the ‘Great Fourth’ has left behind big shoes which would be difficult for any King or leader to fill, for now, but if there is one leader who shares the same passion and concern for his people and is willing to move mountains to uplift and help them, then it is His Majesty The King.

“If your action inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more you are a leader”
 John Quincy Adams

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