The plans of the DPT MPs who lost in 2013

In the aftermath of the 2013 National Assembly (NA) elections, most of the former NA members of Druk Phuensum Party (DPT) seemed shocked over their defeat. Some have not yet planned for the immediate future while some choose to take a break from politics and enjoy moments with their loved ones.

People have been wondering and talking about the future of the former MPs including the former education and the communications ministers Thakur Singh Powdel and Nandalal Rai following their defeat in the general elections.

Informal talks in town has it that the former MPs might join private firms or do other business while the former education minister might go abroad to teach as a professor.

The former Information and Communications (MoIC) minister, Nandalal Rai of Sompangkha constituency of Sarpang dzongkhag said he “waits for things settle first before he starts up to think about his future after being voted out by people in his constituency.”

“I have no plans now and want to enjoy the moments with my family members. Life was real fast while serving for last five years and busy, but now I want my life to be slow and enjoy it. With less pressure, I will think over what I want to do next and also keep in touch with the people,” he said.

Nandalal lost to Rinzin Dorje of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who won with 5232 votes while he just managed to secure 2830 votes from his constituency.

The former education minister refused to comment.

Talking to The Bhutanese, most of the former MPs said they have no plans as of now and wish to take some time to decide on what they would like to pursue. Some refused to take calls and refrained from making any comments.

The former MP, Ugyen Dorji of Deothang-Gomdar constituency of Samdrup Jongkhar who lost to Mingbo Dukpa of PDP said, “As of now, I do not have any plan and it is too early to think about anything. For last five years, I was burden with responsibility and was mentally and physically exhausted. The past few months was busy with campaign and was on move all the time and I just want to relax now.”

Upon asking whether he will be coming back in 2018 or not, he said that it will be too early to comment stating that the politics is uncertain. Ugyen Dorji secured a total of 3594 votes from his constituency.

Speaking on the same lines, the former deputy speaker of

the National Assembly Yangkhu Tshering Sherpa said, “I have nothing in mind now, but I plan to take off sometime and relax. It was people’s verdict, which I accept very positively.”

“If people of my constituency want me to come back then I will definitely come or else I won’t,” he added.

Yangkhu Tshering Sherpa is from Kilkhorthang – Mendrelgang constituency of Tshirang and he lost by 2550 votes from his rival, Yogesh Tamang.

Dr Sonam Wangyel Wang, who for the first time participated in the politics, stood as the candidate for the Lingmukha-Toewang constituency of Punakha said he does not regret losing the race nor is he saddened. In fact he is working on strengthening the DPT institution, but said he is not sure about the plans on what he might be doing as it is too early to think about.

“Now that people of Bhutan had the taste of DPT government and now they will have the taste of PDP government and in 2018, people will be educated and I am anticipating of 2018 election. But for sure, I will come back in 2018 election,” he added. He lost to Chhimi Dorji who won with 2406 votes while he secured 2057 votes in the general round of election.

Former MP of Thrimshing constituency of Trashigang, Choeki Wangmo who lost to Dorji Choden by 1350 votes said she has not thought of anything for now and chose to relax.

The DPT candidate of Athang-Thedtsho constituency of Wangduephodrang, Pasang Thrinlee and Durga Prashad Chhetri of Tashichholing constituency of Samtse also refrained from making any comments. Passang lost to his rival Tandin Wangchuk who secured 3831 votes while he received 2567 votes.

Durga lost to his opponent, Ritu Raj Chhetri who won by a landslide margin with 5954 votes while he just managed 2319 votes.

Many others said they weren’t sure about their future course of plans as of now.

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