Lyonchhen defends his govt. against corruption allegations

The PM focused on Denchi, Education City, Trowa Theater, and Gyelpozhing at the graduates Orientation

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley made an impassioned defense of several alleged corruption cases against his government giving a virtual clean chit to himself and some of his colleagues.

The PM said that the cabinet and he had been accused of favoring his aunt Aum Dechen in Denchi.
He said that they were accused of paying to her an amount which was unjustifiable or more than double of what should actually have been.
The PM clarified that the Denchi town was declared as Dzongkhags town B along with other Dzongkhag towns in a joint sitting of parliament.
He said the rate for the Dzongkhag town B specifically Denchi in Shumar geog, Pemagatshel dzongkhag had been fixed by PAVA at more than Nu 18,000 per decimal for commercial plots and Nu 9500 or Nu 9700 per decimal for residential plots, both he said was higher than what was paid to Aum Dechen and as a result to all the others.
In Denchi, the PM said, nobody wanted to sell their land least of all his aunt, as it was ancestral land with sentimental value attached to the land.
He said the land which belonged to his family for centuries used to be land that was cultivated and managed by the Assamese people known to his family. “The King of Assam used to send people from Assam to cultivate the land. It has a special historic significance,” said the PM.
The PM said his aunt had a house on that land, which was being used as an orange orchard and because she was his aunt they were able to persuade her.
“I bullied her and she said to me that I was bullying her into selling the family land instead of helping her to strengthen and preserve family property,” said the PM.
The PM said he was able to persuade her and because she held the majority of the land of about 24 acres others also agreed to sell their land.
Lyonchhen said that since the issue was raised she told him to take back the money and the others too would do the same.
The PM told the graduates that according to PAVA the plot rates in town B are higher but still people did not want to sell their land.
“This happened because Aum Dechen was my aunt. Is she not a Bhutanese citizen? You should ask if she had been paid the fair amount which is more than Nu 18,000. You will find the details in tomorrow’s paper (meaning today),” said Lyonchhen.
The Bhutanese had earlier reported that the cabinet violated government laws to provide high compensation rates to landowners in Pemagatshel with the biggest beneficiary being the PM’s aunt, Aum Dechen, who owned about 24 acres.
The 116 acres of rural Kamzhing land, owned by 26 thram holders, and the government was being acquired by the government for the new Denchi town.
The semi-autonomous Property Assessment and Valuation Agency (PAVA) committee applying the governments revised Land Compensation rules and rates of 2009 set the compensation rates at Nu 3,952.42 per decimal.
However, the cabinet violated the Land Compensation rules and the Land Act and increased it to Nu 9,000.
This is because only the PAVA committee can fix rates using the government formula as per the Land Act, Compensation rules and fixed uniform compensation rates.
A Land Act expert said, “The Prime Minister’s defense will not stand in the court of law as you cannot pay urban rates for what is clearly classified as rural land under PAVA and the Land Act.”
As per the PAVA committee and land Compensation Rates and rules the rate had been set at Nu 3,952.42 per decimal because the rural Kamzhing land of Aum Dechen and others was located more than 2 km and less than or equal to 6 km from the municipal boundary of Denchi town. A copy of this rule is with The Bhutanese.
“The Prime Minister’s logic is incredible because by his logic the government’s own PAVA rates and PAVA committee’s decisions are worthless and can be applied subjectively,” said the Land Act expert.
The PM’s aunt’s actual compensation as per the Land Compensation rules and PAVA should have been Nu 9.48mn, but, after the cabinet’s hike, it had been increased to Nu 21.60mn.
This meant that Nu 12.12 was paid above the official government compensation rate to the PM’s aunt.
The total financial burden for the land acquisition increased from around Nu 40mn under the old rate to around Nu 90mn as per the cabinet’s orders.

Gyelpozhing land scam:
The Gyelpozhing land scam involves the National Assembly Speaker Jigme Tshultim, the Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement minister Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba, and the finance minister, Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu (allotment done for Sonam Norbu under the care of Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu) among the current ministers.
They had been allotted land in violation of His Majesty the fourth King’s Kashos (decrees) on land allotment and the Land Act of 1979.
The PM said the Gyelpozhing case which was just a minor issue happened even before this government came into existence and it had been made into a huge issue.
He said since it has to be clarified in a broader sense the government had forwarded its report to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) but the result was to be awaited.
The PM said with the ACC being a constitutional body, that they could not say anything and all the ministers including he himself had fully cooperated with the ACC on any queries. “We made ourselves available for questioning.”
The PM giving an ultimatum to the ACC said, “If there was no response from the ACC until next week we will give our side of the justification through the media.”
He said that for generations, his family valued the extended family. Lyonchhen said that if somebody related to him gained anything according to the rule of law it could be difficult for him.
“I am being accused of nepotism but if you dig into the backgrounds of the individuals who oppose me they are also my relatives. Here if you are my relative, you will also be under attack,” said the PM.
The PM warned the graduates that with the nearing of the elections, they would be frequently viewing these sorts of issues and told them that they might have many personal attacks made on him on facebook but he still maintained his silence.
Lyonchhen clarified that the twitter account which had been created in his name was not his, “Somebody is impersonating me which is a crime. These are the same group of people who are misguiding you and insulting your intelligence and are against the basic principles of journalism.”

Education City Project:
Earlier, it was learnt there were about 18 potential bidders from companies like Tata, Mahendra, Lanco, Ambuja and Hindustan, but, in the end there was only a sole bidder for the project.
The sole bidder is a joint consortium between Infinity InfoTech Parks Ltd and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (ILFS). A company represented in Bhutan by the PM’s son and nephew.
The PM stated that the project had been delayed for a long time and in the end it was the same party who got the project.
He said that people did not want to invest in Bhutan saying that it was difficult to make profit. He also said that his son was not even a shareholder but just an employee there.
He said that the government and the Druk Holdings and Investment had to spend a lot of money just to prove that it was an open bid. He said that all kinds of people came but eventually they dropped away one by one because they were not interested.

Trowa Theater land case:
The Trowa theater land which covers 19,500 square feet has been regarded as a case of policy corruption by the National Council. The government had earlier endorsed the Trowa theater owner’s proposal to sell the land.
The owner not only paid the lease rent for more than five years but he had been allowed to operate the business entity and generate financial returns without signing any lease agreement with the government.
To this the MoWHS minister, Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba told the graduates that the Trowa theatre case had started since 2001.
Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba said after the rate had been suddenly increased from Nu 2 per year to Nu 42 several talks were held between the Trowa theater owner and the MoWHS in order to come up with a proper solution.
He said one of the solutions was to sell the land to Kuenlay Wangchuk but due to government policies this had been just kept as an option.
Another solution was that Kuenlay Wangchuk’s proposal to sell Trowa theater to the government, but, that too didn’t work out due to the price being too high for the government.
Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba said since the two parties couldn’t come to a term, a lot of time had been wasted.
Lyonpo said, “since many poor people were complaining about shortage of housing and the land on which the Trowa theatre was built was under the National Housing and Development Corporation, who themselves did not have enough money to attend to the shortage of house problems the only option was to sell the land to the owner of Trowa theatre and use the money to build houses.”
Lyonpo said he did not ask the land to be sold on a subsidized rate nor at a higher price but according to the terms between the seller and the buyer.
“Whenever a government land is sold or leased there are government rules to be followed and the Land commission is the agency which regulates these rules. So looking at the advantages we asked the Land Commission to sell the land,” said Lyonpo.
Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba added if the Land Commission asked them not to sell the land according to government rules or lease it then the government will look for capital elsewhere and will buy the structure.
“And if the land commission told them to sell the land then it will be sold and the matter will end here,” said Lyonpo.
Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba said there were no unlawful practices, but, now people were saying that it was unlawful.
The PM said this issue came up because the owner of the Trowa theater was his own daughter’s in-laws.
“This is all to harm and defame me and the current government, had it been another person the media would have supported the person who owned Trowa theater,” alleged Lyonchhen.
He said the government had also not taxed him but had the government taxed him for all the period he did not pay, he would bear huge losses.

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  1. 1. Lyonpo said he did not ask the land to be sold on a subsidized rate nor at a higher price but according to the terms between the seller and the buyer.

    ans;- The is no need of seller and buyer here Lyonpo, Govt have to evaluate the structure and fix to certain amount for the said structure then come out with a open auction for both the land and structure instead but why to Kuenlay wangchuk only. And the structures which he had built the building must be of cement,rod,sand,stone and son on and that engineers can make the evaluation and cost of the structure.
    2. Another solution was that Kuenlay Wangchuk’s proposal to sell Trowa theater to the government, but, that too didn’t work out due to the price being too high for the government Ans;- Lyonpo,see if its a ordinary people like us what will be your and Govt,decision will you all grant us time that you all have given to him till date. If Kuenlay wangcuk wants to sell the Theatre MOWHS and Concerned agencies have to evaluate the value of Building at present rate and buy it. Kuenlay wangchuk have to sell the sturcture at MOWHS fixed rate or he have options to remove his structure and handover the land back as he dont have proper Thram.
    3. The PM said this issue came up because the owner of the Trowa theater was his own daughter’s in-laws.
    “This is all to harm and defame me and the current government, had it been another person the media would have supported the person who owned Trowa theater,” alleged Lyonchhen. And. This might be PM dream, As you clearly mentioned that owner of the theatre is your daughter Inlaw you should order the concerned agencies to do as per the law and close the chapter instead of prolongoing it. Theatre owner was given chance to run theatre without paying rent for years and this itself indicates corruption not defame. If its some other person you all could have snacthed the land and removed the structure. More Important if its one of oppositions relative you all might have seized the whole structure and put him behind bar like Monk sonam tshering for carring few packets of Baba and Recent issue of Terminating the Principal. If we compare their issue here their ones are just peanut and they dont deserve such actions.

    • hmmm…. i feel these issues really wakes up our “bhutanese” side of the citizens, our patriotism …our love and concern for our beloved nation. one thing is clear , that there are anomalies in our Govt. ….and it also shows how the govt works….why the scam allegations, the delay in deliberations, the depth of each issue, and the widening gap b/w the poor n the rich…… i believe, what we can do to be effective is share our opinions …to our families back in our villages growing crops, rearing animals, the true citizens …so that they wont be scammed into another four years of empty promises and a slighted leader. 
      at the threshold of such a sensitive time …when our economy is unstable,  the govt rather than encouraging, the agriculture, implementing the pillars of GNH …sustainability measures and eco friendly development ……..but being involved into  a series of scandals……..makes my heart sink.
      we have to recover from the rupee crunch….not invite the Chinese and ostracize our “big brother”
      we have to build a nation, strong stable & Efficient …not drown ourselves in doubts and hatred….
      i hope everyone tht votes for this elections thinks twice before the drop their destinies into the boxes… effects the the whole nation not just the individual only,

  2. Sick of the sly FOX!!

  3. Something is definately wrong with the Denchi land case. While PM has defended that the land being classified as Class B thromde, the land compensation rate is as per PVA recommendations. Again, the Bhutanese has narrowed its observation that the Land belonging to PM’s relative is more than 2km away from thromde area and it comes under rural land. Let’s see who’s the winner at the last.

  4. asusual in most cases, still the reasoninexplaination is substandard to my intelligence.i feel sorry for the low IQ. lol

  5. I heard that MINISTERS have some cut in the McKinsey consultancy which they conducted in bhutan..

    Banks no more issues housing loan, how come some ministers and affluent families getting housing loan from banks, Zangley is constructing house in semtokha, where did he get loan from?

    I dont know what is happening to this country.

  6. Govt does not give chinese car dealership to bhutanese, how come PM’s son-in-law got it?

  7. fed up with JYT’s reasoning skill

  8. what rights does he have to threaten her. This is purely miss use of power entrusted by people of country,king and citizen(TSA-WA-SUM)

  9. Next time try to use appropriate word something like “convincing her”

  10. him from next election…he would be citizen like me walking all the way to high court on Tuesday-the decree he made himself..

  11. P M says his Aunty’s land at Denchi is ancestral land. In Bhutan, most of the land people have in their villages are ancestral land. Government took all of our land including the house to build Government offices in mid 70s. We , along with my husband’s cousins were uprooted from the ancestral land. We were compensated which was not enough because we lost our house too. I am sure there are so many others like us. PM talks like he and his Aunty are the only ones who lost their ancestral land, this shows how much he is in touch with grass root level .

    • I hope what you are speaking is truth. If that is the case this is another scam by JYT

      • may be the PM & DPT knows the three political words perfectly…(DONT GET CAUGHT)…And defending the *********** now…..

    • fair and true

      The Govt. did take our ancestral land too…. and what’s more we had a new house built on the land and that too was taken as soon as it was constructed… It is a huge disappointment really…to lose one’s ancestral land and a house that was built from years of saving…the compensation for the house and the land was just peanuts…… Dema T is right….” PM talks like he and his Aunty are the only ones who lost their ancestral land, “…

  12. it is in fact a battle between lyonchhen and tenzing lamzang for their personal differences- one trying to portray as voice of people and misusing media for his vendetta.   On the other hand, lyonchhen is trying to defend it for whatever personal gain he had or not for all those accusations….We, the people should not get swayed by whatever they say, but rather we all should think and analyze critically and make self judgement!…to me, one thing is crystal clear that both are not being professional in their conduct!!!

    • if tenzing lamzang is settling the personal score with JYT. Then why DPT did not drag theBhutanese to the court for defamation. Since DPT is not doing that i think theBhutanese seems to have enough proof. I don’t think DPT will just let it go.

      • point to be noted, my lord!

      • gov can not drag each and everyone based on what they write….come 2013, u will see 100s of allegations through one or other media and i don’t think, it will be possible to drag everyone to  the court for every issue…..So, here, each of us should make our own judgement who is right or wrong. Moreover, both media and democracy should be given time to grow. Both are new and it is bound to make mistakes, but sooner or later if people starts making critical analysis and don’t believe in whatever media or politicians says, then, they will mature faster and realize what to say and not….At the end, we are their customer/end user and we should play catalyst role make both politician and media to mature so that they can not bluff around with us….

        • yeah both media & democracy are new and time must be given to grow. but those age old tradition of corruption practices should not be allowed to continue. the bhutanese is doing fantastic jobs by exposing &  trying to break up those practices done by the so called past Ministers, now the rulers of present government. thank you the bhutanese for shedding lights to the ignorant ppl about the looters. keep up your work. this type of media is really needed to control further corruption for this government and for the other new government. Hurray

  13. jampa, good point. But on what basis can you ‘analyze critically’ if you don’t have the correct information? You have a right to question this paper’s intentions and veracity, but what is important is that papers must be allowed to collect information and they should have the right to publicise it. But the DPT government has been very good at hiding information and have even locked up the RTI bill. When 1 NC tried to bring it in, they rejected it using a new issue called ‘private bills’.

    Basically, the people of Bhutan have to be worried about the DPT because it seems everything they are doing goes against the making of a healthy democracy.

  14. I like ‘The Bhutanese’ it is truely the name suggest, rather than other papers, mostly interested in reporting lesser important issues. It really brings out the nake truth. Well truth is two edged knife, will cut both ways…So some cannot digest the truth, some cannot understand the truth and yet others live in illussion when all need to know is see the evidence!
    you always start with one…

    BottomLine: We have elected our own group of elite people to rob us! Cannot blame them.


  15. I am suprised when LYZ said the Trowa theatre case is from 2001.I was the person to get Kidu from HM the 4th Druk Gyalpo to start the theatre.
    I know the whole story but yet nobody contacted me for actual authentic information.I have papers related to the theatre but today everyone writes everything.
    I built 85% of the theatre and later had to part with it as I was under pressure from certain quarters since I had opened a can of worms regarding the lottery issue.
    The best person I thought of was my uncle Kinley Wangchuk to buy the Changjiji movie hall complex.
    Basically it was a move to hurt me by increasing the land lease from Nu.2 to Nu 42.

  16. I fully agree what my uncle has said.
    1.give a reasonable rate for the land lease. the Trowa theatre and compensate
    3.Sell the land to him as per govt rate.
    Very simple terms and conditions but I dont know why the govt cannot take a decision.

  17. do you know he also send his supporter to take course in LLB to west bengal University without any interview. around 25 students belongs to his supporter are sent to llb

    what you say on this?

    • hah ahah ahah JYT really did that!!!!!!! God I’ve no words to describe DPT

    • Dog…..don’t lie….it’s silly…..and you are just exaggerating meh!

    • They got powers and we people were dumb and that’s not to blame the cirizens coz all in all was new to us with new democracy……now we learnt a lot and lets see who really wins in 2013…….what if his party doesnt win in 2013 the LLB students, will or should they fight for the current ruling party..i guess no ways.

    • this is misusing of power for their vested interest. JYT is trusted by majority in Bhutan but all this stories is reducing his image so low that I have begin to lose faith in him unless he clear it soon.


  19. One thing is for sure that DPT can’t defend properly. I think they don’t do proper homework. And above all they have to discuss the topic and debate among themselves. But i don’t think that has happened before this clarification. Seems like it is one man’s job. Convince the citizen. We need good reasons to believe what Lenchoen has said is true. And that reason can happen only if they debate. I also think rest of DPT members are too scared to debate on this topic with Lenchoen else they would come up with good reasons. Brain storming is must. One man can’t decide. Had it been the case then why do we need to pay salary for rest of the MP’s who can’t contribute. I hope it is clear.

  20. I think Police should give him some protection should be given to tenzin

  21. Goodwill Embassador

    Hi Dog, if u r sure that Lyonchen has sent those 25 DPT supporters to study law at Government’s expense, y don’t u take this matter to ACC. It seems u have enough evidences to prove it. If it is really true, then yes, we cannot tolerate such practices and ACC is there to clean up the system. The ACC moto says “If u care, u will dare”. So, pls go ahead because sharing such grievances here won’t do any good to any one of us.

    • god-help-bhutan

      Can’t do anything, ACC is also under DPT. see many cases involving influential people are prolonging which finally goes to bin.

      • indeed sad…this is setting a bad precedent in democratic Bhutan. I though with democracy things will turn fair and quick.
        By the way what is our independent judiciary doing? Why keep pending cases of where influential people are involved. 

  22. The matter is getting complicated to understand. But if i were to make a choice between the right/wrong one public media house and one individual, then surEly i would choose the media only. Some thing really fishy and not so right thing is happening with our government, because, none of the above cases are solved as of now. What is happening with OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM, SUE, CHARGESHEET WHOEVER IS THE CULPRIT AND CLOSE THE CHAPTER FOREVER, OUR PEACE OF MIND IS DISTRUBED WHEN WE HEAR CORRUPTION TAKING PLACE AT SUCH POLICTICAL AND BEREAUCRATIC POST.

  23. hi good will
    if i am not true dan why should i write on the forum. you can. get more information from his office. within few days they will join the North Bengal University and some of them had started their course also. i just want any media house to ask about the scolarship award from PM office without any interview

  24. I believe he took his driver to USA with him on official trip as a kidu. I heard like that

  25. Good that PM helped his driver, I hope other people will do the same.

  26. I feel the case can be beautifully solved  if  it can be forwarded to ACC which NC has done. All past laws will be super-ceded  by present law and fact will come out. If River view is correct seek forgiveness from owner , if Government is right seek forgiveness… But But…..Something is not so right as River view hotel was a bankrupt business and government has taken it… after wards given to the owner back.. strange( it was in news long time ago)…….lets wait for the ACC to intervene…

    • Never heard River view went bankrupt, can u elaborate pl. The owner of River view used to run Hotel Jumolhari for his brother Kinley  Wangdi while he was in  prison , who was caught at NY airport smuggling Drugs. He was the First Secretary at our Embassy in Delhi. It is all drug money……..

  27. Hi guy, Just read Kuensel where you will fine a family at Duezagang(Dagana) to vacate from their land claiming to be Government’s land. the Lady even had lagtharm and had been paying taxes regularly. from this case we even became more doubtful of our lagtharm and tax that we pay annually. where did she get this lagtharm and to whom she had been paying taxes so far? the office that handed down her lagtharm and the local government that collected taxes are not questioned. I clearly doubt if this is once again the influence of authorities to grab her land as we read everyday in the papers. what will be the idea, if MoWHS come up with proposal to sell that land to her not in subsidized rate nor at a higher price but according to the terms between the seller and the buyer.

  28. Sorry guys, this post is not in kuensel, but in the title is ” A place they cannot call home” 

  29. Poor driver who has not even been to Siliguri has gone to USA,, he must have felt as though he was in ZANGTHOPELRI, heaven of Chenrizig.

  30. How come this paper never asked Sangye Dorji his views, he is still around so please do so to get the real picture. Also this Yangzom needs some help, I think.

  31. Media vs Govt? 
    Who will prevail, interesting times….though..

  32. Why bother issue only hearsay corruption and blowing issue out of proportion.Why larger issues are neglected like Border encroachment by India and China,Taking over the road Infrastructure and bidding farewell to BRO and DANTAK&IMTRAT,nationalizing the Business run by foreign national,Building wall and fencing along the border and Duars land Compensation.The issue is very important and needs to be focused on it. Vote for the  party who can bargain hard with those countries and be self Reliant and prosperous in Defence and Economy.  Bhutan will rest in peace only the above issues are resolved.Wake Up Bhutan

    • 1. Over the past several decades, LJYT has gained respects and trust from the people, now these trust and respects seem to be fading away as he may not able to see some of the things objectively. For instance, Chang Ugyen’s land scandal, Trowa theatre, Gyelposhing land scam and others.

      2. As promised during his initial campaign of sowing a firm democracy with clean government, he tried his best but unfortunately he is surrounded by corrupt people, in his deep heart he knows this and must be finding very difficult to take action objectively which is understable since his hardcore DPT supporter is involved and his relatives.

      3. He is highly respected and learned leader- we all know that. He must be finding difficult time, how to clear this corruption cases. He has been hooked and made a party to the Gyelposhing land case- again this only indicates – human being are not perfect, for that matter, no one is perfect.

      4. But the way land has been allocated to all influential people at Gyelposhing clearly indicate that our country was heading dangerously in wrong direction, this is not a good sign- it seems to be like an organised crimes. Why allocated to only the influential people- clear indication of gross corruption. Normally, I like and respect LJYT, but in this Gyelposhing case he has been hooked and made a party so that no one can object for the corruption they have committed.

      5. In LJYT’s clear conscience, he knows above things are corruption in nature, let us wait and see whether he accepts and clear these corruption cases and regain the respect of the country or try to defend and lose the high respect people have reposed in him thus far.

    • the explanation given by PM and Minister Jimba is not convincing. it clearly show their inability to solve such a seemingly trivial and easy problem unlike the ngolop problems, boarder issues, census issues. they simply have to stick to rules and not bent it.

    • But our government will not do that!

  33. This is the beauty of democracy where the media brings to light some events from the negative angle and the government trying to justify that the approach was not so negative as it is being projected. Finally it is for the people of Bhutan to conclude and draw the interference. Democracy is all about disagreeing unless you are not a disagreeable man. if you are, then its pure stubbornness and stupidity. Accusations are always sorted out in agencies like ACC and courts. 
    I read in Tenzin Lamsang’s FB that he went to Dechenphu to get blessings from the guardians. You wont have to fear and worry as democracy is all about freedom of speech. You write what you see , hear and have. The government will justify why they did it in the first place. Finally if its criminal in nature, cases go to ACC and courts. If not, it will go to the people who will decide the verdict with votes. Its for people to decide. What you wrote there is sense in it. What the government justified also there was sense. Hence we the people should conclude after knowing all the prevalent laws of the country. This is it and the beauty of leaving the verdict to people. Cheers to democracy… I did not read all the comments.. I just read your article and the justification by the government in news….. cheers to democracy

  34. I salute “Thebhutanese” for bringing such issues in the paper. You have done the job of media and please keep on informing the people. I m pretty sure that people will read it carefully and without no doubt pass good judgment. As far as your are reporting the truth, people will be there to help you when you need the help. It is really interesting to note that there are lots of things this govt has done unlawfully. We came to know only through your media. Once more i sincerely appreciate the content of your paper. Within few months you have shown the strength and maturity compared to other papers by being more professionals

  35. You guys must be happy now because there are not many counter arguments from some of us because this website (of thebhutanese) just won’t publish anything that is against it. So blow your trumpets and have all  your say here. 

  36. Since JYT and DPT are so CORRUPT and INEFFECTIVE, in 2013 lets vote in The Bhutanese and its supporters as the next government.

  37. The Bhutanese Sucks! Big Time

  38. Well done “The Bhutanese”, you really have opened my eyes….Such news with facts are important to wake up the citizens.

  39. MIGTO! Do not stoop down too low to the Bhutanese. It does not give balanced information. For example, Dorokha dismissed Principal gives only his grievances to blame the present Govt. There are many such cases.

  40. hi Website admin. If u are really for freedom of speech, pls dont censor our opinon

  41. I am not able to see my comments here, whereas in the Kuenselonline it is possible to see whatever I write.

  42. if PAVA Committee is mandated by law to determine the rate of compensation to be paid for the acquired land, the cabinet seems so have violated this law by determining the compensation which is not empowered by law even if what is being paid is lesser than the law required. on the other hand, if PM was involved in acquiring the said land, there is a clear case of conflict of interest. this is because the hon’ble PM should have abstained from involving in acquiring such land since one of the land owners were his relative. bu the question here is whether PM is actually obligated to involve in acquiring land even if the land does not belong to his relative? now who is mandated by law to acquire the land? what are the procedure? who is empowered to pay the compensation thereto? what rate and under which law? these are some of the questions to be considered.

    its only personal view, with due respect

  43. we really want to die defending the allegations than to accept our mistake. which i really like at the most. by this time so many politicians, ministers and leaders around the world would have stepped down ground on moral ground. དེ་ལས་ཕར་འབདན་ ཚོགས་རྒྱན་བཙུགསཔ་ད་ མནོ་བསམ་ན་འཐན་འབད་གཏང་དགོཔ་འདུག་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི་ཨིན།།

  44. There is only allegations and nothing is proven as alleged. Why should govt. step down? Just for the sack of writing does serve any purpose.

  45. We all should now think to finance the Bhutanese. Fund for the Bhutanese. I am serious.

    By compensating Denchi Land Owners to the max height Jigme Thinley has won the 2013 election from his constituency. That was his intention too.

  46. I still appreciate him ( JYT)

  47. How come every big scam has PM’s relative? Doesn’t it straight away prove that PM is corrupted? What ever may be I salute The Bhutanese for it’s good work……just keep working and the truth will always triumph…..

  48. PDP fellas and craps are having fun because this paper won’t post our comments. Dance you fools. Worship your hero TL.. And again after 2013 election, you will do the same shouting, name calling, labeling, disrespecting against JYT and worship a renegade of doubtful origin. 

  49. Lyonchen JYT himself may not be corrupted but most of the corrupted people are either his family members or party members? action speaks louder than words. JYT trying to defend himself sounds ridiculous because the issue here is like all Muslims are not terrorist but why all the terrorist are Muslims?  

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