The progress card on using the Education City land

After the new government cancelled the Education City project due to illegality, the 6th Dzongkhag Yargey Tshokchung of Thimphu raised concerns on the investment incurred on the project. They said works, like the black topping of road, construction of road and bridges, are ongoing even after the project is confirmed to be shut down by the government.

The Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, during the 12th Meet-the-Press session held yesterday said that the government has another project in line which is yet to be disclosed. However, the Prime Minster said that the Education City land belongs to the people of Bhutan and the government will use the area in a meaningful manner, within the framework of the law, which benefits the people of Bhutan.

PM Tshering Tobgay also said that the government is carefully considering all options in order to keep the works going as road, bridges and electricity is crucial in the area.

He said that the works are still continuing as the whole idea is to complete the construction of infrastructures so that the 1000 plus acres of land can be used.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said that the government has received responses from people who are happy that the government took the decision to stop something that is illegal and to protect the land which legally and rightfully belongs to people.

The government is optimistic that such positive feedback received from the people and government’s new plan, together, can decide how best to use the land.

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