The Rotary club of Bhutan

Rotary club of Thimphu was established on 24th April, 2012 to become part of the Rotary international community around the world. The establishment of the Rotary Club of Thimphu was sponsored by the government.

Rotary clubs are operating in over 200 countries around the world.

The Rotary Club of Thimphu is a wholly managed and funded Bhutanese social service organization with only Bhutanese nationals eligible for membership.

Currently, the Club comprises of sixteen active Members and three Honorary Members with Rotarian Tsewang Rinzing as the incumbent Club President.

RCT accepts membership to the Club only through invitation.

“The overarching quality of a potential Rotary Member is that he or she has to be willing to give “service above self”. The member has to be philanthropic in nature and willing to work and contribute-freely, without seeking remuneration for their contribution,” said Club Secretary, Yeshey Dorji

With such philanthropic zeal, Rotary Club of Bhutan has set its priorities and core areas of focus on improving health and well being of the people, empowering people through education and life skills, and alleviation of poverty through food self-sufficiency in the country.

Such determined motives of the club and dedicated members helped RCT to reach out for the needy and contribute their share in making some differences.

RCT has been doing social service projects around the country. RCT has recently donated six Kidney Dialysis Machines worth Nu.6.8 million to the Ministry of Health, conducted Migraine Treatment Camp at the National Traditional Medicine Hospital with an acupuncturist from USA, supplied ECG machine and safe drinking water to Paro Hospital, installed 4 MKs long solar fencing in Kheng Goleng village, Zhemgang, gotten a peace Fellowship for one Bhutanese for post graduate studies in Australia, contributed Nu.1.5 million worth of library book to Dashiding Higher Secondary School, Punakha among many such initiatives.

With many great ambitious projects in the pipeline to carry out more charity works and create impactful difference in the society, RCT is positive that their collective efforts will come to fruition.

To carry out serious discussions on the issues that require attention and bring about solutions, every member has to attend the Club’s Weekly Meeting that is held every Friday. “A Member has to have a minimum of 60% attendance or else he or she runs the risk of being terminated from the Club,” said Mr.Yeshey.

With numerous support being rendered by the club in different Dzongkhags around the country, Mr.Yeshey said that in most of the cases people approach the club for support; however some of the service projects that the club has implemented and those that are in the pipeline are the ones that were conceived by the club members as pertinent issues that required their support with whatever the club can provide through their means to make a difference.

Rotary Members do not receive any remuneration for the services they provide to the club or to the projects that the club is promoting.

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