The situation is manageable for now in Samdrupjongkhar: Dzongda

Samdrupjongkhar Dzongda, Tharchin Lhendup, said that they have around 300 positive cases, and they have converted 8 hotels to non-isolation hospitals to keep the patients, and with the current accommodation space, they can still contain more than 100 patients.

He said, “For now, the situation is manageable and the recovery rate everyday, is good. We have around 168 primary contacts, and we have quarantine facilities (QF) for them. We put them under QF looking at the case, whereby if whole family members are the primary contacts, they are put under home quarantine.”

The only challenge seen is lack of space in QF if cases go on increasing, and to address the issue, the dzongkhag is increasing the number of QF by converting offices and hotels into QF and into isolation facilities, he added.

There are positive cases detected everyday, but they are the primary contacts in QF. There are few cases from the community, but it can be contained, as the place is under lockdown, he added.

He further said, “To contain the virus and to stop the spread of virus to other dzongkhags, drivers who are ferrying the essentials goods are tested judiciously, and we monitor those who come on bubble mode. We are strictly following the health protocol.”

DeSuups are taking the initiative to deliver essential goods in all the red buildings and they are setting up a call center in the dzongkhag. There are around 15 red buildings in the core town alone, and a few in Motanga and Dewathang.

The relaxation of the zoning system will be made if the situation gets better. For now, cluster testing is being carried out, and the people are cooperative and aware of the situation, he added.

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