The statement was made in light of recent statements from few DPT candidates on the general election results

PDP president campaigning at Dagapela     Pic Courtesy -Minjur Dorj
PDP president campaigning at Dagapela Pic Courtesy -Minjur Dorj

PDP President says DPT is desperate

In a rebuttal to recent statements made by a few Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidates that DPT will be the ‘undisputed’ winner of the forth coming general elections, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tshering Tobgay labeled it as desperation to cling on to power.

There has been many unconfirmed allegations that the DPT candidates have been trying to confuse voters by declaring their party as ‘the one that will form the next government,’ and asking voters to choose between the ‘ruling and the opposition.’

Meanwhile, DPT’s Haa Bji-Katsho candidate Dasho Dr Gado Tshering, during a live public debate, said it is up to the people of Haa “whether to remain in opposition forever or to join hands with the ruling party and boost developmental activities.”

Referring to the DPT victory during the primaries, Dasho Dr Gado Tshering said there is no way the party that won in 33 constituencies out of 47 would lose now.

During a recent press conference in the capital, the PDP president told local reporters that the DPT candidates and their supporters have started confusing and misleading the electorate. The president said, “Apart from making such statements during their tours across villages, they have now started coming out live on television to say that they will definitely win the elections, and people can decide whom to vote for.”

This, the president said is against the Electoral Laws. “They needn’t even campaign if that is so, and if they are campaigning they needn’t criticize another party to that extent,” he said. “That is unethical and that is illegal,” PDP president added.

During his campaign in parts of Samtse, Chukha and Dagana, the PDP president said DPT is now resorting to such tactics and there is only one reason – fear, “fear of losing out power which the DPT leadership has held for decades.”

He also said PDP is a much stronger party than it was in 2008. “They (DPT) are realizing that we are strong and that people wish for ‘change’. There is no point in having elections or democracy if they are the winner already as they claim,” Tshering Tobgay said.

He also added, “By PDP’s assessment we have a very good chance. People from all walks of life have support for us and are looking for change. So we have all the reasons to be optimistic but we would not go to the voters let alone come on TV to say that we are going to form the government and that you will be stuck in opposition if you do not vote for us.”

He said the PDP office has also received “extremely” disturbing reports from the field that if voter do not choose the DPT, the particular village will not receive any developmental work. “That is dangerous, divisive and extremely wrong,” said Tshering Tobgay.

“As far as PDP is concerned, we want to conduct a clean and honest campaign with open debate, within the framework of our laws, a campaign that His Majesty the King would expect. Let’s respect the democratic process and exercise some dignity and some sense of maturity. Let’s respect our citizens and let’s stop this nonsense of baseless allegations,” the president said.

The matter has been brought to the Election Commission of Bhutan’s notice through a complaint letter filed by PDP on Thursday. The PDP office has requested the ECB to put an end to such ‘illegal’ practices, manipulating and misleading voters at this point of time when the general election is just more than two weeks away.

Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said the commission will look into it as per the rules.

PDP president also said it would be best if a presidential debate could be arranged to clarify everything, but he said the DPT president have provided some lame excuses to avoid the debate.

Minjur Dorji /  Dagana


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  1. There is nothing wrong in telling the truth. Of course it is bitter, but you must accept. If the party that won 33 seats in the primary cannot win in the general, will the party that won only 12 seats in the primary win in the general? The general election this time is only to decide how many seats will there be in the opposition and which constituencies opt to be in the opposition. My wild guess is that PDP will win around 10 seats this time. Make note of this prediction and see the actual results.

  2. The Lungta Horse is not only galloping but soon will be flying to Gungthangla like Guru Rimpoche.

  3. Rightly said. DPT, especially the people at the leadership position are desperate to cling to their power. But i am sure people of Bhutan will not be stupid to let it happen.

    Let there be LIVE Presidential debate to clear all the doubts. Lets see which leader is better.

    ECB please arrange the debate.

  4. I could sence that PDP is growing stronger day by day. This time people have truly understood the essence of democracy but only fear is dpt party workers r all over wooing voters desperately. People have already made up their mind not 2 listen to them this time no matter what they say. They r too many but getting paranoid.

  5. So PDP president is challenging ECB to throw their dirty linens in national TV. May be ECB should give them opportunity for presidential debate but BBS must not give platform to enhance dirty politics. BBS is not owned either by Government or Opposition. It is public service broadcaster which means independent and formed under royal charter.

    I think both PDP and DPT are desperate to win. As long as there is no threat to life and rights of people, what is wrong in rhetoric influence. Fear tactics has much deeper connotation than what ex-OL thinks. PDP seems to use all means possible tp garner votes which is working and DPT seems to be using similar tactics of that of PDP

  6. Why the candidates of the party are making such a nonsense just to get vote. people of Bhutan wake up now, the politicians are trying to play mind games with our right to vote for the best candidates who we choose could benefit our people and serve better, who understands the needs of the people who are having difficulties, not the needs of high level. 
    Atleast the PDP President has thought of getting a honest and fair votes from people not like some candidates who trying to brainwash people telling that no development works will be initiated in the villages where ruling party didnt win, if thats the case, let all not vote and ask for the development works first, and then vote. 
    the promises they makes i dont know if 10% of it can be done. 
    i guess the precious right which our monarch has given to the people are being violated with such statements. the reality is if they have already had this kind of thoughts in mind while they are suppose to be campaign, think of their intentions after winning the vote and then become a member of assembly.

  7. this is a cheap political tactics of Gado and dpt who are losing their ground now. It looks like DPT is losing this year. The govt of India is not happy with what dpt did when they were in power. However, we people are getting punished collectively. This must not be allowed to happen to us. DPT pl go. We do not want you any more at least this time.

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