The Time for Reform

Before the 111th National Day celebrations in Samtse in 2018 the current government had said it would listen to the address ‘line by line, word by word and also in between the lines and would follow it for the coming year.’

How the government followed through on this pledge is known to it, but it must be mentioned that His Majesty has been stressing the importance of reforms, efficiency and coordination in the civil service for quite a few years.

Similarly, His Majesty, be it in National Day addresses or other venues, has constantly being stressing on the importance of enhancing the quality of education.

Governments, past and present, must have made efforts to act on these important points for our national well being, but the results have somehow not come through.

The governments and the systems itself recognizes these issues and shortcomings, but there has been deep inertia and resistance to change, and a lack of political will to carry out the root and stem reforms needed in the above fields.

This is a very strange phenomenon for a small country which His Majesty mentioned should actually be agile on its feet and quick to adapt and change.

However, the lack of coordination and other issues continues, and despite the many piecemeal efforts the real and deep reforms have not happened.

It now falls upon His Majesty to issue a Royal Kasho to nudge this frozen system to restart and start moving and improving itself. While His Majesty issues the Kashos it is hoped now that the government and the relevant agencies will take it to heart and carry out the necessary and much required reforms for our nation and people’s collective future.

If there is one thing that this pandemic has shown, then it is the fragility of the Bhutanese economy and how dependent we are. It also showed how vulnerable we are in so many ways and how what we worked to build over decades can be put at risk with just one crisis.

This time we got lucky with the good leadership under His Majesty followed by a strong sense of cooperation and community from the people pulled us out.

It is time now that we come out of our silos and work in cooperation with a the same sense of community under His Majesty’s leadership to address major challenges in the civil service and quality of education.

Mere political reform will not cure the manifold evils which now afflict society. There requires a social reform, a domestic reform, an individual reform.
Samuel Smiles

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