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The Voice of Bhutan celebrates 50 years of Bhutan-India friendship

The much awaited reality singing contest, “The Voice of Bhutan”, was launched on 25th April. The show also celebrates the 50 years of Bhutan-India friendship.

Chencho Dorji, the show organizer and a leading actor, said that the whole nation is celebrating the 50th year of friendship between Bhutan and India, and therefore, they launched their show to mark the bond between the two nations.

“We, being in the film industry, get trained in India, and so we thought to dedicate the whole show to the Indian government and people,” Chencho Dorji said.

He added that this is a gesture of appreciation because India is Bhutan’s biggest developmental partner. The show claimed it does not receive any fund or support from the Indian government.

According the organizer, the singing contest is designed to meet with the standards of the glitzy Indian reality singing contest shows. Therefore, special attention has gone in the set up of the stage, in terms of sound, lighting, space and decoration details.

There are 11 male and 9 female contestants taking part in the singing contest, out of which, four are currently school students, four will be continuing their education after class 12, while the rest of the contestants are school leavers. The youngest contestant is an 18-year-old girl and the eldest contestant is 32 years old.

The Voice of Bhutan attempts to be different from other singing show in Bhutan. Chencho Dorji said there is a need for a bigger space to perform and sing well. He also said that they have been training the contestants to enhance their singing and performance skills for the last two months.

The show does not collect any entry fees from the contestants, and the auditions were done within closed door so that the best of the best were selected.  The show saw a number of talented youth come forward to take part. Organizers hope at least five of them are selected to become playback singers in the movie industry.

“We want people to enjoy our show and since the first day of our show, we have been getting lots of positive feedback from the people, and we are very happy with our work done,” Chencho Dorji added.

Meanwhile, he said that finding sponsors for the show is the most challenging aspect. “People want the show to be just perfect, but there are very less sponsors coming forward,” he added.

However, in the first episode there were some sound issues while in the second episode the quality of singing by a couple of participants were not up to the mark. Another criticism has been the well made but long advertisement breaks. Only time will tell how popular the show will become.

The last show will be held on 4th July. The winner will be awarded a cash prize along with a Maruti Alto car. The runners up, down to 5th position, will receive cash prizes.  The Voice of Bhutan is aired LIVE on BBS 2 every Wednesday and Thursday from 5-8pm.

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