The year that is to be

With 2021 behind us we now have a very critical year ahead in 2022 on some key fronts.

An important task is starting to translate His Majesty’s national call on the 114th National Day into reality on the fronts of service delivery, education, economy, technology and more with the underlying theme of accountability from all.

Between the National Day address of 2020 and 2021 it is increasingly clear that business as usually will not do from 2022 onwards as we are fast running out of time to make crucial and much needed changes.

His Majesty is thinking decades ahead for a nation and system now obsessed with the day to day, and an inability to think beyond annual budgets, five year plans and elections.

Another important task in 2022 will be to guard against complacency in the fight against COVID-19 especially with the infectious Omicron on the prowl. Our unvaccinated children and the vulnerable are especially at danger.

Another area of focus in 2022 must be the economy and here the government should think long and hard before making any moves.

The loan deferral and Kidu interest will end by June 2022 and so the RMA and the Banks will have to chart a careful course for the financial sector.

Bhutan’s economic recovery will be contingent on how well we do to keep COVID-19 out as the entry of Omicron will only mean long lockdowns.

2022 will also see the last budget of this government and the closing of the 12th plan and so they will also be important.

The coming year will also see politicking heating up for the 2023 polls, but it is the responsibility for every party to not engage in any kinds of politics that undermines our fight against COVID-19 or impacts our hard won national unity.

If you don’t think about the future, you cannot have one.”John Galsworthy

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  1. Kudos to The Bhutanese for striving very hard in conveying the right news and thinking ahead !!! Keep up the good work

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