Thimphu DPT candidate saddened by PDP candidate’s words

The candidates of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who addressed the people in South Thimphu constituency about their party manifestos and ideologies, also brought to fore the serious issues with each other’s manifestos during the common forum.

Both the candidates were given 10 minutes to represent themselves with their manifestos where PDP candidate Tandin Wangmo, who spoke first, touched upon the development activities, youth unemployment issues, and corruption.

She noted that the voters should watch out for the party’s manifesto and vote for the right party.

The PDP candidate said people should be consulted on plans and policies. She cited that people are hesitant to speak out. She said, “No freedom of Expression with fear of repercussion.”

The PDP candidate also talked about the five years of the DPT government, the areas where it performed well, and the areas where it had failed to deliver.

“People should be aware of all the politics involved,” said Tandin Wangmo. She also highlighted the issue of DPT spreading misinformation about her to the voters, of being a female candidate and not worthy of measuring up to her male counterpart. The DPT candidate denied spreading such information.

In his turn to speak, the DPT candidate Yeshey Zimba thanked the people for giving the DPT a chance to govern country for five years.

He said that there is of no use of insulting the DPT as they have already completed the pledges they have made according to their manifestos in the last five year plans, and if the party wins for the second time they would work much harder.

He shared the party manifesto with the pledge of increment in the civil servants’ salary, new development works such as building of new lhakhangs, schools, Gross National Happiness (GNH) progress, etc.

Apart from the manifestos he clarified on a rumour spread saying that the DPT party is now called ‘liars’

because of the issue of Gyelpozhing verdict and the Education City issues.

He presented some clarification on Education City saying he and his wife own lands in Selekha in Thimphu, as he and his wife’s census is registered there.

“The most necessary thing required is the friendship (with India). Both the DPT and the PDP is not important as the important thing is the government,” said Yeshey Zimba.

During the question and answer session the PDP candidate said, people should think for the best and vote for the best party, as DPT party has never touched on the youth and women issues.

The DPT candidate replied, “It is very sad to hear that the party never cared for the youth and the women issues as they served the country and have much experience.”

On answering a question on serving the nation at his age, Yeshey Zimba said he has received many requests from the younger lot that the older ones should show the path and participate further due to experience.

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