Thimphu is split between PDP and DNT but PDP confident

In a split mandate, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has clinched a triumph in North Thimphu with 1,602 votes (1,291 EVM and 311 PB), while Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) emerged victorious in the South Thimphu constituency with a notable 2,006 votes (1,691 EVM amd 315 PB).

Tshering, the successful PDP candidate from North Thimphu, believes the victory is a testament to the trust and confidence the people have in the party’s leadership and his dedicated efforts. He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, emphasizing that his hard work and the collective vision of the party for a Better Drukyul resonated strongly with the electorate.

On the other side of Thimphu, DNT got a win in the South with 2,006 votes due to the DNT President being the candidate.

In North Thimphu BTP came second with 959 votes. In South Thimphu PDP came second with 1,747 votes which will help it stand a better chance in the general elections.

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