Thimphu police make 98 drug-related arrests within first 3 months of 2018

Starting 1 January 2018 until 17 March 2018, Thimphu police have apprehended 98 people in connection to abusing controlled substances and in connection to an illicit drug trafficking. Of the 98 arrested people, 27 were detained while 71 people were forwarded to BNCA for TAP.

An official from Thimphu city police said that of the total arrest, 3 were women, whereby 2 were arrested in connection to abusing the controlled substances while one was arrested for illicit trafficking. Official also said that, 50 percent from the total arrest of abusers are the youth below 25 years of age.

Police have seized 14, 898 capsules of SP+, 97 tablets of N10, 10 grams of hashish, 2.5 kgs of fresh marijuana leaves and few solvents. “Most of the cases were forwarded to OAG,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Thimphu police, with help from a tip-off, apprehended a 26-year-old taxi driver from Norzin Lam on 13 March, at around 9 PM, and upon searching his taxi, 160 capsules of SP+ were recovered from the car boot.

Thereafter, they proceeded to his apartment in Changzamtog and police seized additional 2069 capsules of SP+ in his possession. Police said that in connection to this, they have apprehended another 29 –year- old machine operator from Punakha on 14 March, with the help from Punakha police. From the suspect, Punakha police have seized 147 capsules of SP+.

Police said that both of the men tested positive for drugs. Official said that, with an increasing number of populations and with a development, any kind of crime will increase. He said that though there is an increase in number of drug-related cases, however, the number is not alarming.

The official also said that efforts are being made to cut down the suppliers and that they need help from every individual to fight the drugs threat.

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