Thimphu police re-arrested a convict on the run

Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) in Thimphu has re-arrested a 29-year-old escaped convict that fled from the detention center in Thimphu on January 4 in Khasadrapchu.

RBP also apprehended the prisoner’s 78-year-old father and a friend for their involvement in aiding the convict’s escape.

The convict had been sentenced to a nine-year prison term for raping a minor in Tshendendepsa, Khasadrapchu in September 2015.

“He was found missing during the evening roll call at the detention center,” RBP said.

Police are also investigating the involvement of any police personnel in the escape. As of now, two police personnel are held under suspicion for allowing the convicted rapist to escape.

“After investigation, if police personnel involvement is found, then he or she will be suspended from the department, handed over to the police station and then we will charge sheet them to the court along with the three suspects,” RBP said.

The prisoner was able to escape from the detention center by submitting a forged release documents. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the release form, which is maintained by the police, was manipulated, filled and signed with a forged signature.

Police are investigating how the convict managed to get the release form and who had tried to forge the signature of Investigative Officer (IO).

The case is currently under investigation.

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