Thimphu police to forward both sexual harassment cases to court soon

Thimphu police will soon forward the two cases of sexual harassment to court. For now, the police is still investigating the case. The sexual harassment case from the Royal Tutorial Project was reported to police on 11 September while the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) management forwarded the sexual harassment case to the police on 1 October 2021.

A 22-year-old woman from Trashigang working in the Tutorial Project lodged a complaint against her 53-year-old boss for allegedly sexually harassing her in the office. The victim claimed that she was inappropriately touched by the suspect.

The victim was a contract employee. Police said that one of the victim’s friends came forward as an eye witness. The victim told the police about how the suspect used to touch her inappropriately in one incident.

Police also said that there are various circumstantial evidences against the suspect. However, the suspect has denied to all the charges against him. The case is most likely to be charge sheeted to court by next week.

Similarly, a case of a sexual harassment involving one of the directors of BPC was forwarded to the police by the BPC management.

The case came into light when 30-year-old victim got harassed by her 42-year-old boss on 15 September at around 2 am. The victim filled the complaint against the suspect to the management on 21 September.

Police said that the circumstantial evidences against the suspect are very strong and there was also an eye witness when the incident took place. 

Police said that it is hard to gather evidences on sexual harassment which is why it is best to report such incidences at the earliest so that they can establish evidences at the earliest. It is hard to prove sexual harassment, the police added.

The BPC suspect denied all the allegations against him. Police are nearing the completion of the case investigation. Once the investigation report is ready they will then forward the case to court.

The offence of sexual harassment is graded as a petty misdemeanor with a maximum term of imprisonment of less than one year and a minimum term of one month. This is why the suspects were not detained.   

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