Thimphu Tech Park checking talent pool to recruit employees

The Department of IT and Te l e com (DITT) under Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) and the labor ministry (MoLHR) in collaboration with Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) have already started preparing for the

Thimphu Tech park from this month. At the moment, the labor ministry is assessing the talent pool which is interested in being employed in the upcoming park.

According to the Program Officer, Tenzin Choden, the assessment was conducted to find out the number of graduates interested to work in IT and ITES sectors.

As a part of promotional activities, the Private Sector Development Project (PSDP) is talking to Global BPO companies mostly in India such as Genpact, WIPRO and Infosys to make them set up business in Thimphu Tech Park.

“We are looking for at least one company to come here and set up business in the IT Park,” said an official from DITT adding that by one or two weeks, the department would get a sure response and sign the deal.

After that, within five to six months, the IT giants should be able to come here and set up their business. MoLHR has already selected 2,281 graduates of various subject backgrounds till date to look into the market scenario but only 150, preferably who have worked in BPOs in India will be recruited.

Unselected applicants would be requested to join BPO companies in India to be trained and gain experience.

“At the moment, as an interim measure the graduates have been placed in various sectors of global BPO companies,” said Tenzin Choden.

Around 300 graduates are already being trained by WIPRO in India.

Preference will be given to finance and accounts students for back office operations but not for the office call center.

Towards the end of May, the selected recruits would be completing all the formalities and signing a deal with Bhutan Innovation and Technology Center though the original dateline was 7th May.

Further, RUB would be developing a curriculum for long term sustainability for this kind of project by introducing two new modules in their syllabus, namely language enhancement and analytical skills in all the colleges under RUB and Royal

Thimphu College. According to the Project manager of RUB, Rinzin Namgay Dorji, the future graduates would thus have the skill and competence to work in these companies.

Although setting up of IT Park would take another four to five months, the commercial operations will begin in September 2012.

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  1. This IT park was and is just a waste of money caused by DHI and govt.  I dont know why DHI and govt waste so much of money by hiring Mckinsey consultants and study tour taken outside and looking for investments outside the country. 

    Even if they are successful in attracting talents, the talents wont stick for long, coz the DHI and govt are very good in initiating and starting and implementing everything but when it comes to monitoring then they are carefree, hence we loose all our money.

    It is the tax payer and donor’s money that they are spending,,,, 

  2. Again In Thimphu. Every thing has to happen in Thimphu where there are big lords. Uneven development , which really screws me.

    • Karma, you are right. I also don’t know why everything is getting concentrated in Thimphu. Maybe ministers are worried that their buildings will be left empty if they move some of the development activities out side Thimphu. I think there are better places in terms of location, space than Thimphu. Just because Thimphu is a capital city it doesn’t mean that all developmental activities should take place in Thimphu.

      • aguyfromjamkhar

        I totally agree to Karma’s point of view. Thimphu is not the only place….happening of such simply signals that there is vested interest of our politicians .

  3. Look at this 8 million dollar investment . This is a total waste. Who in the world will construct a big IT centre when there are zero hard-core programmers in the country. How many of our IT graduates are capable to develop softwares. I have not seen one yet. Under such scenarios, how can IT park possibly be functional when we dont have real programmers. BPOs for IT park. That is a waste of investment. We dont need mighty palace for BPOs. BPOs can be well accommodated in a ware house. Who is responsible? general public onceagain….!!!!

  4. Well, well, you and I will realise the importance of such an ICT hub when our children starts working there…

  5. Lungten JAMTSHO

    Dear Madam,

    I am a civil servant. I am trained in call center in 2006, from Kolkatta, after plus two. I worked in the same field for a year, with the company based in Paro, Satsam Chorten. Will i be getting the same opportunity as other gradutes do?

    I will be grateful if you could leave me a reply as soon as possible.

    Thanking You

    Lungten Jamtsho

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