Thimphu Thromde achieves most of its 11th Five-Year plan targets

Thimphu Thromde has achieved 24 of its 44 targets made, with 14 on track and 6 at risk.  The key result  areas of Thromde includes enhanced opportunity for lifelong learning, strengthening Bhutanese identity and culture, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery, education, improved health status, quality of urban life, improved waste management and greening of the city.

In mandating the schools in the capital with the disaster management strategies, Thromde has achieved its full target. Thromde has also achieved 100 percent of its target in having traditional designs on infrastructure and buildings in and around the town.

However, access to 24 hours of reliable and clean drinking water supply remains as work under progress. The construction of proper drainage system and public toilets in various locations is to be completed within two years.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said about 80 percent of the residential areas in Thimphu have access to proper drinking water supply.

Currently, the Thromde is building gender- friendly public toilets in places, like Yangchenphug athletic ground, Hejo crematorium, milk booth area, and one in between the Royal Bhutan Police colony and IMTRAT.

In addition to the drainage system that Thromde has already constructed, Thromde has plans of constructing 8 more kilometers of drains, which will provide for a proper drainage system.

To better infrastructure and public transportation facilities, Thromde has set a target at 35 percent as only a marginal section of the population use public transport.

In terms of waste reduction by means of reuse and recycling, Thromde had targeted 36 metric tonnes every month, but only 240 metric tonnes could be tackled, therefore,   achieving 90 percent target in waste management.

As for a greener city, Thromde provided 300 seedlings to the individual households and 3,000 saplings to various schools to be planted.

Thromde also established 13 community gathering places against its target of eight.  Replacement of water meter, discontinuation and reconnection of water, building occupancy certificate was also standardized by the Thimphu Thromde.

Thromde has also placed light emitting diodied(LED) on the existing streetlights and induction lighting system.  Street lights were installed in 16 additional places. With the use of new lighting system it will bring down the energy consumption by almost  70 percent.

For the better transportation system, Thromde has plans to add more number of city buses, in addition to the 33 buses that are already plying.

Thimphu Thromde has also carried out the maintenance work and renovated 33 choetens, out of 40 choetens that are located in different places.

Drug- related cases, crime rate, infant mortality, morbidity and maternal incidences remains as some of the indicators at risk.

With the assistance from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Sustainable Development Project, the total budget outlay for Thromde’s 11th Five- Year plan was about Nu 2 bn, of which 1.2 bn is a cumulative budget and the Nu 1.1 bn is the cumulative expenditure.




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