Thimphu Thromde aims to address overflowing drains

The Thimphu Thromde has immediate and long terms plans to address the city’s inadequate drainage system that manifests in rivulets and water logged roads after a heavy downpour, which is a major inconvenience to pedestrians.

“The existing drainage system does not have the carrying capacity which leads to such kind of issues like drainage overflow,” said Thimphu Thromde executive secretary, Passang Dorji. “And with growing urbanisation more areas are being concreted and blacktopped leading to more surface run of water.”

As an immediate measure to address the issue the thromde will take correctional measures such as improving the existing drainage systems and explore diverting water to alternative drainages.

As a long term measure the Thromde has allocated Nu 2 million to develop a Drainage Master Plan. “The Master Plan will guide the construction and maintenance of storm water drainages, natural drainage and roadside drainages and in increasing the carrying capacity,” he said.

The existing city drains are connected haphazardly which leads to overflow during monsoon.

Passang said that while attempts will be made to clear the water logged roads they request the motorists and drivers to be cautious and considerate of pedestrians.

He said that flooding in the town was mainly because of the small carrying capacity of the old drainage system. “The size of the drains needs to be increased to absorb the increased flow of water from the ever increasing building constructions,” said the executive secretary.

Illegal dumping of waste and garbage also contributed to overflowing drains according to the executive secretary. “People lay their pipes and cables in the drain and some dump construction material in the drains,” he said. “We urge public to corporate with us in making the facilities more convenient and effective.”

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