Thimphu Thromde collects over Nu 2 million in fines

Thimphu Thromde issued a notification on 29 July 2022 to create a more orderly and compliant urban environment. The two divisions involved in the initiative, the Thromde Compliance and Enforcement Division (COeD) and the Operation and Maintenance Division (OnM), have revealed their achievements and observations.

On July 29, 2022, Thimphu Thromde implemented a range of penalties for what they deemed to be unlawful activities within their jurisdiction, with fines ranging from Nu 10,000 to Nu 45,000. According to their official notification, individuals and businesses have one month to rectify these violations after being notified. Failure to comply will result in inspections and penalties.

The fines are one-time charges, excluding the cost of reinstating any damage caused by the offender. Reinstatement expenses are to be covered by the responsible party. For repeat offenders, a 25 percent additional penalty will be imposed on top of the initial fine.

Thimphu Thromde justified these penalties as measures to ensure the appropriate and efficient use of public properties, emphasising that all residents and beneficiaries within their jurisdiction share the responsibility and accountability for this.

The COeD noted that while the fines levied were not excessive, there was a noticeable decline in the number of individuals committing breaches after the notification’s issuance. As COeD notified the people to stop the illegal activities, many residents, it seems, preferred to adhere to the rules rather than risk incurring fines, which typically ranged around 20,000 Ngultrums.

The purpose of the notification was to deter illegal activities and promote responsible behaviour within Thimphu.

On the other hand, the Operation and Maintenance division (OnM) shared a contrasting perspective. Since July 29, 2022, Thromde has collected a staggering 2,045,226 Ngultrums in fines. However, it’s important to note that these fines encompass not only those related to the recent notification but also those related to environmental breaches.

Approximately 381 individuals have paid fines since the notification was issued, indicating that a substantial portion of the collected fines can be attributed to these environmental violations.

The officials from the Thromde said that, encouraged by the increase in fine collection, they want to stress that these funds are allocated to revenue, and it is revenue that will decide how and where these funds are to be used. commented

The fines collected will likely contribute to various municipal projects and initiatives aimed at improving the overall quality of life for Thimphu’s residents.

The Thimphu Thromde said it remains committed to maintaining a balance between compliance and community development, emphasising the importance of responsible citizenship and the shared responsibility of keeping the city clean and orderly.

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