Thimphu Thromde comes up with address system for door-to-door service delivery

As directed by the government, Thimphu Thromde in partnership with the Bhutan Post has initiated a project to develop a city addressing system using geographic information system (GIS) to provide efficient door-to-door service delivery.

The City Address System (CAS), when in place, would benefit the government offices and public-oriented entities, such as issuing the notice letters, distribution of bills, newspapers, promotional pamphlets, product advertisement, locating clients for delivery of parcels, pizza, etc.

Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee said, “In the capital city, we don’t have a home address and everything is delivered through the office. Wherever you go, you have to say that my office and home address is same because we don’t have a home address.”

Thimphu Thromde and Bhutan Post have identified the Norzin Lam and Changlam for installation of the mail boxes for the pilot phase. The Thrompon said that a nominal fee will be charged for the use of the postal service.

“Many people along the Norzin Lam are not aware why mail boxes are installed at every building and we must make awareness to the people that it has lot of advantages,” said the Thrompon.

The activities carried out till date is installation of mailboxes in pilot area, which are partially completed. The postal delivery to mail boxes is to be operational in the pilot area within April 2015.

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