Thimphu’s trust in DNT and PDP

In South Thimphu DNT president Lotey Tshering secured the highest number of support with a total of 2,816 votes (PB505+EVM 2311), DPT’s Kinley Tshering with 1173 (PB 207+ EVM 966), PDP secured 1133 votes (PB 216 + EVM 917) and BKP secured 470 votes (PB 114+ EVM 356).

“The kind of support Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa received today is a strong indication that you believe in the cause we are pursuing for the country. It has dawned on us even more that time has come for us to work together towards Narrowing the Gap and that prioritizing the health of every Bhutanese meets the wishes of the people,” said Dr Lotay Tshering on DNT’s social media page.

“Hereon, as we return to campaign for the general round, we do so with the reassurance of your continued support. We will strive to seek your blessings that will enable us to serve you in the capacity of your elected government. We are all in it, together, in Nyamrup Spirit,” he added.

In North Thimphu PDP’s candidate Tshering secured a total of 1,333votes (PB 229+ EVM 1104), which is the highest amongst the three parties. DNT’s Dechen Wangmo secured 1211 votes (PB 237 + EVM 974), followed by DPT’s Lily Wangchuk with 1134 votes (PB165+EVM 969) and BKP’s candidate Karma Loday secured 540 votes (PB 100+ EVM 440).

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