Third time is a charm for Ugyen Tshering in Paro

In his third bid at the National Council race, Ugyen Tshering finally gets the voters to pay attention. He secured 4,763 votes, with 4,117 EVM votes and 646 votes through the Postal Ballot, from Paro. He said, “I have tried for the third time, and finally ended with good result, my dream came true.”

He has taken part in the NC elections since the first Parliamentary Elections in 2008 “It is not my first time trying for NC, and I have the advantage of experience and knowing the dzongkhag well,” he added.

He believes that a people’s representative should be approachable and interact with the people to share their concerns openly, be it in the community or national level.

“I would provide a better service in understanding the plans, policies, rules, regulations, acts and laws, and be the bridge between government and public,” he said. “I would prioritize in speedy repeal of obsolete laws and reform legislations applicable towards regional balanced development. Through equity and justice, I will ensure that basic rights are not compromised.”

Ugyen Tshering said, “As I have contested in all the NC elections and have been in constant interaction with the people of Paro dzongkhag, I understand the ground realities and issues that the people in my dzongkhag face.”

The other candidates in the race from Paro are Chencho Dorji who secured 688 votes, Jangchub Dorji with 945, Dawchu 1,101, Sonam Tashi 2,491 and Ugyen Dorji with 985 votes.

Ugyen Tshering holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Sherubtse College and has worked in the private sector in various capacities and as a business entrepreneur.

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