Those resigning without good reason to be disqualified from all elections: ECB

The Election Commission of Bhutan’s (ECB) ‘Rules on Elections Conduct in the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2022’ does not talk about just requiring five and 10 years work experience for National Assembly and National Council candidates or asking for how pledges will be funded, but it also has strong provisions against candidates who resign on flimsy grounds.

The rule says any candidate for any elective office in the Kingdom of Bhutan who resigns without reasonable necessity, as determined by the Commission, shall, at the determination of the Commission be fined the minimum wage of 360 days and/or refund all state campaign funds given for the Parliamentary election or local government elections and shall be disqualified from all future elections.

The rules say these penalties shall apply unless such candidate can prove to the sole satisfaction of the Commission that such resignations were reasonable necessary, after taking into account all the surrounding circumstances including any physical or mental illness or any fundamental breakdown of the relationship between the candidate and his or her party; and after concluding that such resignation was in the overall interest of the Kingdom of Bhutan.  

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