Thoughts of a Girl under Quarantine

Another day of quarantine went by Crouching next to the airy window.

A mug of steamy coffee in one hand Admiring the beauty of the structures Rigid, mighty and soulless they rise.

Astonished at the intelligence of mankind how mere stone is turned into a precious gem.

Trees into tables, chairs, you name it How beautifully we have indeed moulded To the pleasure and comfort of our senses.

But wait, where is everyone?

The great man I see hustling every day.

The kind lady I see at the market,

The young kids running to school.

Is it the same place I’ve known?

Another sip of coffee makes my mind wonder again!

Ah so peaceful, is it just outside or my mind as well?

The sky is blue and birds singing loud Perhaps saying “Thank you Human… Finally, we made it back home again”.

The world I know is at the chaos at the moment.

Powerful nations begging for mercy from nature.

Camouflaged, blindfolded by the hunger for power

There seems to be never enough for us,

The greed says “I want more and all”.

Destroying and polluting our Mother Earth,

A mother being a mother yet never complains!

She weeps silently with a loving heart.

Is there still hope to undo our actions?

It is never too late to mend our bond she says!

As days under quarantine passes by, I still sit next to the same old window.

With enough moments to self-reflect,

A big smile lit up my face every time,

How fortunate I feel to be born here In this Land of the Thunder Dragon.

The morning bell replaced my alarm clock, A sweet voice shouts “Breakfast!!”

I feel no less than a princess herself. Being provided the best of the best It makes my heart cry out loud.

No words and actions can describe How thankful I feel towards our great Nation Under the guidance of our compassionate King.

The government tirelessly working day and night I humbly thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Now with the birds, I sing along, “Paradise has been here all this time!”

I sing and cheer louder for my people & country, “Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan my love, Together we shall rise up again and again.

Tandin Zam, Phuntsholing

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  1. Tandin, thank you for your lovely and heartfelt piece of prose. I am an Australian who was fortunate to live in beautiful Druk Yul for 4 years, and I think of it every day. I listen to the song “Tharingsa” often, and dream of one day returning to the most wonderful place on earth.

    I hope all Drukpas keep up their spirits, stay safe, look after each other and understand that they do, indeed, live in Shangri La!

    Tashi Delek from Australia.

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