Threatened by a stray dog pack, deer seeks refuge at forest office

It looks like even wild deers know where to go for wildlife protection especially when chased by a pack of stray dogs. Office-goers walking to work on a Pedestrian Day on October 2 were shocked to see a male barking deer, around four years old, chased by a pack of stray dogs directly into the premises of the forest headquarters in Thimphu.

With a group of ferocious dogs after it, the barking deer having completely lost his stamina collapsed into the domain of humans at the forest and park services department office located near Tashichhodzong.

The deer was still panting from fear and fatigue when Rinzin Dorji found it. He said the animal was speeding from the Thimphu Golf course at around 8:45 am. He chased the dogs away and informed the zoo in-charge at the Motithang Takin preserve.

Soon, spectators joined him which included other forest officials. The officials of the wildlife rehabilitation centre in Taba were also immediately informed of the incident.

The deer had banged its muzzle on the wall jumping over the culvert of the parking, it had also hurt its hoof.

Few minutes later, the rescuers from the wildlife rehabilitation centre and Forest Protection and Surveillance Unit appeared with a box of tranquillizer equipment and a net.

With the first dart failing to produce much reaction in sedating the animal, officials decided to go for the second shot. With the number of onlookers increasing the deer was too stressed and refused to get drugged.

However, the deer was rescued successfully and transported in a Hillux to the rehabilitation centre. “We’ll release the deer in Chamina forest today itself,” said Chimi Dorji, one of the rescue members. According to them, except for the stress of having been exposed to threats, the deer is healthy.

Another rescue member Chencho Tshering said they will appropriately tend to small injuries and release the animal. “We’ll apply ointments and other minor treatments.”

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