Three arrested in tourist stabbing case

Thimphu police have arrested three men in connection with the stabbing of an Indian tourist on 22 October in Thimphu.

The tourist was with a group of Indian bikers outside Mojo Park, an entertainment centre, when he got stabbed at around 1 am. “As per their statement, the tourists claimed that two Bhutanese men suddenly came and started abusing them and one Bhutanese man took out a knife and stabbed one biker in the back and ran from the scene,” police said.

Of two suspects arrested on October 26 one of the suspects, 26, had stabbed the tourist. He was accompanied by a salesperson from Samtse.

In their statement to police, the suspects said that one Indian started shouting and abusing them so they stabbed him.

On 25 October at around 8:30 pm, Thimphu city police received information that two men came to a grocery shop in Centenary Farmers Market (CFM), one of them brandishing a knife, and started looking for owner.

Meanwhile, police were also informed that two men came to Changlam Plaza and started chasing a parking fee collector holding knife in hand.

After gathering the information, police concluded that same suspects are involved in both incidents. On 26 October police seized the weapon from the 26 years old suspect. As per the statement given to police by the suspect, the suspect said went to sort out the thing with the sales boy who was working in that particular shop as he was teasing the suspect with a woman.

He also stated that he chased the parking fee collector as he was staring at him after the CFM incident.

Police later found that the 26 year old man was the same suspect involved in both cases and in stabbing the Indian tourist.

The suspect was under influence of alcohol during both the incidences.

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