From Left: Ugyen Dorji, Sonam Dorji & Kinlay Dorjee

Three candidates for the Thimphu Thrompon post and their pledges

The upcoming Thimphu Thromde election will see three candidates vying for the Thrompon post. The poll day for the third thromde election is on 28th of this month.

Ugyen Dorji from Jungshina-Kawajangsa

Ugyen Dorji from Jungshina-Kawajangsa Demkhong who is a new candidate vying for the post was assistant Lecturer in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College for 3 years and urban planner, engineer and land manager in Thimphu Thromde for 11 years.

He said that his qualification background and experience is most appropriate for the post.

“Thimphu city has not achieved its true potential in terms of effective service delivery and teamwork. I therefore feel that I can be the agent of change to solve these hurdles. I am young, I am inspired, and I have a dream to listen to every resident and resolve their issues through innovation, energy and teamwork,” he said.

He said that in the fast growing city we see today, inconvenience caused, safety and lack of accountability is the biggest challenge people face compromising the quality of infrastructures and quality OF service delivery.

Highlighting his pledges, he said that his dream is to bring about an improved change with energy and innovation and teamwork because no dreams are chased alone.

“I will work with the thromde staff and residents as well as government agencies and development partners, NGO’, media houses on the following themes:  Effective Service Delivery, Enhancing Working Environment, Improving Infrastructure like water supply, schools, Roads and Traffic, Public toilets and Supporting Innovation, Ideas and Business Opportunities to change the city we dream and believe in,” he said.

Sonam Dorji from Dechencholing-Taba

Another candidate contesting for the post is a 31-year-old Sonam Dorji from Dechencholing-Taba Demkhong.

He has a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from Sharda University in New Delhi and has six years of professional experience in management and leadership, especially in business leadership and management.

 Before deciding to run for the Thrompon post, he was working as General Manager of STIHL, a German Company distributor in Bhutan.

He said that he decided to contest for the post, mainly because of the never-ending drinking water crisis problem in Thimphu.

“My heart belongs to Thimphu Throm. I have a vision for “New Thimphu” – Our Capital City that will be livable, sustainable and inclusive for all residents. Thrompon is a platform to achieve my dream of “New Thimphu.” Moreover, I have always been a servant leader since my school and college days and serving others has been my heart’s passion,” he said.

“Having born and brought up in Thimphu, my mission is to create a Thimphu of no water problem, no dirty drains, of smooth roads, of clean streets, and of safe neighborhoods, where walking, bicycling, taking bus, and even driving are fun, where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable,” he added.

He said that Thimphu Throm must move ahead with a vision and he has a vision of “New Thimphu” for a change and “Let’s go for real change,” is his campaign slogan.

He pledged to recognize water as a human right and supply water to all Thimphu residents for free.

“In the 21st Century, I believe, water is not only a basic essential service but also our fundamental human right. Hence, it should be free.”

Similarly, he said issues of road with potholes, drainage, sewerage, and housing such as Jamthog and Wogthog will be given under a new vision of “New Thimphu.”

“For example, unlike building new roads in our rural villages, for Thimphu we have to focus our efforts on quality maintenance – smooth, clean, and quality roads. On smooth roads, my main pledge will be on resolving potholes efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively,” he said.

Incumbent Kinlay Dorjee from Babesa

Former Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee will again vie for the post from Babesa Demkhong. He says that he had the most satisfying experience in the last 10 years, starting as the first elected Thrompon of the capital city and also completing his second term.

 “I am sure that people will have options of many candidates to choose from, but I would like to offer my services once again for another term because there is still a lot to be done. I am now personally aware of every need of the residents and also the resources that we have in the Thromde to provide for those needs. With the experiences and the extensive network that I have been able to build over the last ten years, I feel that I am now better prepared to really deliver more than expected,” he said.

He said that his biggest achievement while serving as a mayor was growing Thimphu into the most vibrant political and economic hub in the nation.

“It is now almost twice its size from 2010, with expansion both in the North and South of the City. This was done not only with massive infrastructure development at the cost of almost Nu 4.5 billion but also ensuring that we provide essential services like water 24/7. Thimphu is now a commercial hub representing almost 90% of the nation’s trade, commerce, wholesale and retail, and hospitality. Through this economic activity, we were able to provide jobs and means of livelihood, especially to many youth,” he said.

Highlighting some of his pledges, he said that he will partner with other stakeholders to resolve the problems arising out of substance abuse and easy accessibility to alcohol outlets, also work with the youth for social reintegration and employment opportunities.

 He said he will improve the public transport services and provide the last mile connectivity through disable friendly pedestrian walkways. He said he will work closely with the waste management flagship program in achieving 100 percent waste recycling through drop off centers and reduction in waste going to the landfill.

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