Three drug addicts forwarded to BNCA by RBP

Thimphu police forwarded two minors and one adult to Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority (BNCA) for counseling and treatment. The minors, both 16 years old, are students in Chukha while the adult, 19 years old, is a class XII passed student. The two minors are from Paga, Chukha and Lhuentse while the adult is from Tshimasham,Chukha.

Phuentsholing police apprehended the three on April 10 at around 2:30 hrs from Rinchending check-post in Phuentsholing during their routine check-up.

Police on duty found them acting abnormal, and upon checking on suspicion, they were found carrying two tablets of N10 and six capsules of SP, and all of them tested positive for intake of Marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs.

As per NDPSSA Act of Bhutan 2015, police forwarded them to BNCA for treatment and counseling. Deputy Chief Program Officer of BNCA, Dorji Tshering, said that after receiving a person from police they have to conduct a meeting with Treatment Assessment Penal (TAP) committee for a final decision.

“The TAP committee comprises of secretaries, chairperson, rehab manager and a few more. We conduct a meeting based on the availability of the member and once we are done with the decision, we call the offenders and assess them accordingly,” he said.

He also said that, if a person is minor, and a first time offender, then the minor is sent back to school after a two-week counseling session given by the counselor in school. A report has to be submitted to BNCA by the school.

If a person is an adult or a youth out of school, and an offender for the first time, then BNCA will check on the level of drug dependency and recommend a month long or three-month treatment in a nearby drop in center.

Meanwhile, BNCA has yet to come to a decision on the three offenders and a course of treatment.

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