Three farm roads to boost organic farming

To boost pure organic farming of buckwheat and wheat, three farm roads havebeen constructed in Ura gewog, Bumthang so far. A 3.2 km farm road was constructed in Pangkhar Chiwog for which the villagers contributed labor. The gewog was provided with an excavator for free by the government but the fuel is bought from the community budget of Nu 1 mn.Another 1.5 km road was constructed in Sumthrang and the last road in Ura Doshi which is five-km long. “We are almost done with the construction of roads but we are stuck with the spider, which is a tree uprooting machine,” said the Gewog Administrative Officer(GAO), Leki Phuntsho. The people have proposed for an additional Nu 0.5 mn from the Agriculture Ministry for the ongoing works.

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