Three men arrested for Nu 3.3 mn worth of traditional herbs heist

Thimphu police arrested three men who range from ages 24 to 37 and originally from Haa and Mongar, in connection with larceny by deception. Police received a complaint on 2 August stating that the three suspects disappeared after taking 205 kgs of Thoksampa amounting to around Nu 3.3 mn.

Thoksampa is a medicinal herb, scientifically known as Paris Polyphylla. Accordingly, Thimphu police made an arrest of two of the three suspects on 4 August while the third suspect was arrested on 6 August 2018. The initial incident took place on 1 August at around 4 PM.

Police said the Thoksampa was brought from Trashiyangtse for sale in Paro legally. According to the police, the seller of the Thoksampa left the herb with his youngest sister in Motithang, Thimphu, after which he left for Trashiyangtse.

Meanwhile, the seller was introduced to one of the suspect through a common friend. Police said that the seller made a deal via phone and asked the suspect to collect the Thoksampa from his sister in Motithang and to pay her.

Thereby, on 1 August, the three suspects went to Motithang in a Prado and collected the item from the sister. They asked her to follow them to the bank for the payment.

She told police that she had asked her cousin brother to go instead to the bank with the suspects. However, when they went inside their house to get the car key, the suspects had already left without a trace.

After which the sister of the seller went to the BoB branch office in Chubachu, but the three suspects were not found. Their mobile numbers were switched off as well. After reporting to the police with the description of the Prado, police managed to trace the Prado through the CCTV footage.

Police said that the Prado belonged to someone else and that one of the suspects had hired the Prado in order to deceive the victim. The real owner of the Prado is friend of one of the suspects, police said.

In addition, police said that the suspect had left his own car with the owner of the Prado. Through the owner of the Prado, the police could get hold of the three suspects.

Police said that they have seized the Thoksampa from their apartment in Thimphu. The suspects are being detained by the police as they have confessed to the crime. The seller will receive the Thoksampa after investigations are complete.

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